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…. It's the pitching, stupid

Kickham notwithstanding, but what the hell has happened to our starting pitchers?

Lincecum has allowed an awful 34 runs in 60 innings.
Cain has allowed a staggering 39 runs in 64 innings.
Zito has allowed a Zito-esque 34 runs in 56 innings.
Bumgarner has allowed a pretty decent 27 runs in 72 innings
Vogelsong has allowed an astounding 44 runs in 46 innings.

For comparison:

Kershaw has allowed 18 runs in 80 innings.
Zimmerman has allowed 15 runs in 73 innings
Corbin has allowed 14 in 68 innings
Harvey has allowed 16 in 78 innings.

Our starters have the fourth worst record and ERA in the league. This is supposed to be the strength of the team. What the hell is going on? Anyone?

Every time I turn the game on, it's already 4-1. If it wasn't for our league best offense, we'd be in last place by a mile.

Don't expect any significant changes. These guys have to figure out what the league has figured out about them. They'd better get it done soon. The Giants are about to be on the road for most of the next month, and starting every game down 4 runs is a recipe for last place.

UPDATE: Not that it pertains to this post, but the Giants are down 5-2 in the 7th inning, and the three batters that just came to the plate (Belt, Torres and Crawford), and all three of them swung at the first pitch and flied out. Unbelievable.

UPDATE, PART II: Well, Lincecum looks completely lost. The only question is how much longer can the Giants keep running him out there. I can understand Bochy letting him hit with the bases loaded in the bottom of the fourth, with the team about to be away for most of the next month, but Holy Christ, he walked out for the top of the fifth and just shit the bed completely. What the hell?

Sandoval isn't helping. 2 for his last 25. Swinging at every pitch. Jeez.


…. Live and in color

There is no explanation or reason to continue allowing Brandon Crawford to swing the bat. None. He’s no 0 for 7 in the

series, after Bochy not only started him, but allowed him to hit in the top of the fourth with a man on. Has he had a bunch of line drives that have been right at someone? No. Has he put together a series of deep counts, forcing the pitcher to work hard to get past him? Nope. He has barely gotten the ball out of the infield.

UPDATE: Arias is making me look like Nostradaumus. Two doubles in two at bats so far today.

UPDATE: Wow. Sandoval just hit one out of the park. Not just into the stands, no, he hit it out of the park!!

UPDATE: OK. He only hit it 422 feet, into the bullpen. At first, it looked like he hit it out of the park. Bottom of the ninth, Giants up 8-3, looking like themselves again. Three outs away from a miracle.

UPDATE: Giants win. Miracle. 9-0 at

home in Game Two, I thought they were done. Lincecum was huge today. Arias was huge, Sandoval has three hits, Pagan had a homer and a double, Blanco is the hottest hitter on the team. We’re gonna do what they say can’t be done.

…. Lousy luck

The Giants lost to the Reds in large part because of really bad luck. Cain made essentially one mistake, the two-run bomb to Phillips, Brandon Belt had the most exciting and productive o-fer I’ve ever seen, and all of our line drives were caught. On to the first must-win game of the season.

UPDATE: Wow. Easily the worst Giants game of the year, a game in which the entire team, Bochy included, simply could do nothing right. What a dismal last game of the season in 2012, barring the impossible. There’s just so many things that went wrong that it’s not

the least bit worth it to recap.

UPDATE: Via Baseball Prospectus:

…. Bronson Arroyo picked Sunday to have the best start of his career. Maybe not the very, very best start of his career. He’s thrown three-hit shutouts before, and he has struck out 12 in a game before. But this was pretty darned close: he went seven innings, allowed one hit and one walk, and threw 91 pitches before he left the game in an act of mercy and before his teammates started circling the bases at will and humiliating a 94-win Giants team.

Ninety-four wins is a lot of wins, not much fewer than the 97 that the Reds won. The teams are, factually speaking, not very far apart from each other. But in two games, the Reds have outscored their opponents 14-2 and outhit them 22-9. They’ve hit their fly balls farther, they’ve hit more line drives, and when they’ve allowed line drives they’ve been perfectly positioned to field them.

Bochy should have managed this game like the must win it was. Instead, he left Bumbarner in the game until he allowed 4 runs, a catastrophic act of indecision that was compounded by wasting Lincecum in a game that was thisclose to being already over. Now, I can’t imagine Lincecum being available unless the Giants can somehow force

a Game 5, which seems incredibly unlikely at this point.

Anybody still think this team couldn’t use Melky?

…. Keep it continuous

Lincecum was wildly effective, the bats were big, late, and the Giants nailed a crucial first win in the first of two three game sets with the Dodge

rs. A six game lead in the all important loss column means the team won’t have less than a four game

bulge when the series is over.

Meanwhile, they keep winning these games in a “how did they do that?” fashion, getting lucky dribblers, missed pitches missed, and key hits just when it seems like they can’t get it done.

UPDATE: Oh well. Great game today, well-pitched by both sides, but the Dodgers eke out a ninth-inning win after coming back against Matt Cain. Jeremy Affeldt gave up a ninth-inning, lead-off triple to Adrian Gonzalez, and one pitch later, Hanley Ramirez hit another game winner against the Giants.

Tomorrow, the Giants try to solve Kershaw for the series win.

UPDATE: I was in a hurry, so I didn’t write about it yesterday, but I’m really worried about the way the Giants pitchers have been flailing the last month or so. I know every player gets in and out of his groove, but right now, you can’t watch any of their pitchers, starters or reliever, and not see him miss by a foot about once every three or four pitches. Whether they are fatigued or whatever, but this is a much different looking staff to the one that steamrolled through September 2 years ago. Somebody better get it figured out, because whether we make the postseason or not, we have one reliable starter right now.

…. Gutsy

Barry Zito was handed a 4-0 first inning lead, and still failed to get out of the 3rd inning, as he allowed 7 hits and 3 runs in 2 1/3 innings. Bochy wasted no time running out to the mound in the third, after watching the anemic Astros light up the


The bullpen was stout, especially George Kontos, who got the win, after he retired all eight batters he faced. The Giants go for the sweep tonight, after holding on for a 6-4 victory.

Several Giants hitters have had an excellent month of August:

Angel Pagan .349/.421/.604 1.025 OPS (league leading 37 hits and 29 runs scored)
Joaquin Arias .426/.448/.704 1.152 OPS (league leading OPS)
Buster Posey .354/.466/.646 1.112 OPS (only 5 games without a hit this month, 61 hits the last two months)
Brandon Belt .338/.407/.455 .862 OPS

In fact, thank God the hitters have been as hot as they have, because they’re carrying the team.

On the pitching side of the rubber, it’s pretty much been Cain, Bumgarner, and the bullpen. Lincecum’s allowed 12 earned runs in 29 innings, and he’s the third best starter this month. Vogelsong and Zito are both sporting 6-plus ERA’s.

Let’s hope the pitchers get settled down, and fast. One more game with the Astros, a three game set at Chicago, and then the entire rest of the season is all NL West, all the time. 7 games with the Rockies, and 6 each with the D’backs, Dodgers and Padres.

Go Giants!

…. Debacle

Once again, Tim Lincecum fails to provide anything resembling a solid start. In fact, he was so wild, it was embarrassing. Missing his spots by as much as two feet, he allowed two more runs in the first inning, bringing his season total to a worst

in baseball 25. With the way the Giants looked against a stellar Tim Hudson, the game was over right about the time that 454 foot home run landed in dead center.

Today’s loss to the Braves kept the Dodgers 2 games back, but Lincecum’s performance brought into stark focus

just how much he’s letting the team down. Anything resembling his usual standards, and the Giants would have a playoff spot all but locked up. Instead, not only are they in a fight to the death with a now completely revamped and rejuvenated LA, but Bochy and Sabean have to wonder if they can even keep Lincecum on the playoff roster if they make it. What a stunning fall from grace fail for the

two-time Cy Young winner.

His season stats aren’t just worse than Barry Zito’s, they’re a lot worse. Unbelievable.

…. Surging

…. Can it get any worse?

As we head into the All Star break, could it be any clearer that something is seriously wrong with Tim Lincecum? It’s not bad enough we’re

getting smoked by one of the worst offenses in all of baseball, but Lincecum is the difference,

literally, between second place and basically running away with the division:

…. Tim Lincecum is the worst starting pitcher in the majors this year.

That stark, surreal sentence is not opinion but a statistical fact. When Lincecum’s first half mercifully ended in the fourth inning of Sunday’s 13-2 loss to the Pirates, his ERA stood at 6.42, the highest of the 101 starters with enough innings to qualify for the league leaderboards.

…. Lincecum’s road ERA stands at 9.00 – 47 earned runs in 47 innings. No wonder Bochy plans to start him at home after the break.

Not to mention, a pretty mediocre 6-7 record against the division leaders we just ran through. That includes the sweep against the Dodgers, so really, it was a 3-7 run against the rest of the best.

…. Fourth of July

The Giants are in the process of getting their asses handed to them by the Nationals, allowing 9 runs in each of the first two games here in Washington. So much for the great pitching that got them into first

place. They better get their act togeth

er soon, or they’re gonna be looking up at the Dodgers again.

UPDATE: Well, that was brutal. Finally a lead, and the bullpen blows it. Second place.

…. History

Four shutouts in a row?!

Bumgarner looks like a complete superstar, throwing his first everything, complete game, shutout, one-hitter.

Wow. The Giants try to make history again today, with Cain looking to see if they can somehow keep this improbable shutout streak going. 36 innings and counting.

UPDATE: Wow. That was fast. Oh well, on to the next streak. I just looked up the rankings of starters in baseball, and the Giants are second in ERA, first in innings pitched, first in total strikeouts and second in runs allowed. So, basically, we’ve got one of the

mexican pharmacy

top rotations in all of baseball right now. Let’s get back into the swing of it tonight.

UPDATE, Part II: Well, let’s hope E isn’t omniscient. Now that the Giants have started playing some of the best teams in the NL, let’s hope they can compete. The Reds have been beating the shit out of them for going on three seasons now, and after tonight, we’re once again talking about how to get past ‘em.

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