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…. Disappointment

Wow. What a disaster of a season. Last place, 19.5 games behind the Dodgers, the Giants are on pace to have one of the worst seasons a defending champion has ever had. They've scored the third fewest runs, and allowed the third most. Talk about a complete fail by virtually every member of the team. I don't remember the last time a champ has looked this bad for this long. What a terrible defense of such a thrilling title.

Special thanks to Pablo Sandoval, who pretty much guaranteed he'd be worthless by showing up to camp roughly 50 pounds overweight. Way to be a leader, Panda.


…. Good enough

Terrific start to the season by the pitching staff. Barry Zito's seven shutout innings today gave the starters a run of 26 innings without allowing an earned run so far. Not quite as impressive as the Nationals domination (1 run allowed total, in three starts), but not too shabby.

The hitters haven't caught up yet, but not too many teams are scoring runs in bunches anyway.


…. Wow

Congratulations to Buster Posey and the SF Giants. Posey signed a new contract, locking him up til 2021 for the tidy little sum of $167 million dollars. Wow.

I sure hope he can stay healthy.



Buster Posey won the NL MVP Award:

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…. Buster Posey of the San Francisco Giants was voted the NL Most Valuable Player on Thursday after returning from a devastating leg injury and

becoming the first catcher

dating in nyc in 70 years to win the league's batting title. Posey received 27 of 32 first-place votes and 422 points from the Baseball Writers' Association of America, outdistancing 2011 winner Ryan Braun of Milwaukee, who was second with 285 points.

Congratulations to Buster, the SF Giants, and –of course– the Giants training staff, who worked so hard in helping him recover from that devastating injury last season.


…. Unimaginable

Of all the outcomes I imagined for tonight's game 5 against the Cards, Barry Zito throwing 7 2/3 shutout innings wasn't one of them. In an almost unpr

ecedented performance, Zito pitched the game of his life, took the Giants'

season on his back, and shut down the hottest top selling herbal viagra offense in the playoffs as the Giants won 5-0 to bring the series back to SF.

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…. NL MVP, Redux

…. Larry Granillo, over at Baseball Prospectus agrees with me:

…. Ryan Braun is not going to win the MVP award this year. Even with the Brewers surging in

to the playoffs thanks to an unprecedented triple swoon by the other National League Wild Card contenders, there are, ahem, reasons that Braun won’t walk away with the trophy. One of those reasons plays catcher for the San Francisco Giants.

…. In 50 fewer plate appearances, Posey has only eight fewer hits than Braun. That’s enough to help put Posey’s .333 batting average at third in the league. He also has six more doubles than Braun despite the fewer at-bats and a respectable-unto-itself 22 home runs. Posey’s .409 on-base percentage is also 20 points higher than Braun’s .389, while his 73 runs scored and 93 RBIs complete the all-around great season Posey has put together.

Braun’s numbers seem to be the easy winner at first-glance. However, the run-scoring environments between the two players’ home parks are very different, making a straight comparison a bit more complicated. Looking at True Average, which takes these factors into account, the picture changes. Posey’s .348 TAv is a clear leader over the .334 from Braun. Both are excellent, but Posey’s numbers playing for the Giants are the superior set. (Other

whole-value batting metrics you may

see around the web have similar findings.) When you couple this with the fact that Posey plays the large majority of his games as a catcher—a position still starved for offensive talent—while Braun plays the offense-heavy left field, it makes perfect sense that Braun won’t be repeating as the league’s Most Valuable Player.

Well put.

…. In game, complain

There’s no justification for not pinch-hitting for Zito in the bottom of the sixth, and absolutely no justification for having him start the fucking seventh. Are we expecting his

83 MPH fastball to throw a complete game here? Really bad de

cision by Bochy here, regardless of whether they give up runs here or not.

You get a 4-0 lead into the sixth with Zito, you have to treat that like you just won the lottery. Get him out of there, try and extend

your lead, and give the game to your bullpen. Letting him hit with two men on and two outs is just trying to win brownie points, and it’s total bullshit.

UPDATE: Nice win, even though it was close.

…. Busting out

After last night’s home run, here’s what Buster Posey has done since the end of the All Star game:

43 hits,

9 home runs, 32 RBI .443/.509/.79

4 1.303 OPS

With 23 home runs and 75 RBI, season averages of .330/.401/.546 .947 OPS, and all the intangibles of a real leader; and with the Giants continuing to hold off the Dodgers and D’Backs, he’s emerged as a clear MVP candidate.

Only Andrew McCutcheon has an edge on him, and with the recent struggles the Pirates have had, Posey might even be ahead.

…. Rollin

The Giants are just pounding the ball on this road trip, and after last night’s insane 15-0 shellacking of the Cardinals, they now lead the NL in runs per game on the road, at an unbelievable 5.18. Buster Posey has put himself in the MVP conversatio

n, and soon the Panda returns. Hopefully the team can continue to perform at a high level as they try to hold off the Dodgers and D’backs.

UPDATE: Well, I’m not jumping off or on the Pence bandwagon just yet. Let’s see.

He could have a knack for triples alley, he could go all en fuego for the rest of the season…. Anything’s possible. The Giants didn’t trust Schierholz, and they (among many of us) failed to

see Carlos Beltran’s resurgence (27 home runs and an NL-leading 80 RBI).

Pence seems like a good fit, although as I said earlier, I would have jumped at Hanley Ramirez instead.

…. Pounded

Well, that was some sweet revenge for my friends who are Dodgers fans. What a pounding. I wish I would’ve had the time to write that if Ramirez was available, he would’ve been nothing short of a perfect fit for us.


I don’t want to mort

gage the future for a rental either, but you never get a second chance to win a title. If this team is mediocre, and there are many reasons to think so; then a trade right now might not make sense. However, career years like Cabrera’s are few and far between, Posey is becoming a legitimate middle of the order force, and everyone but Lincecum is pitching their asses off. One big bat very well could make the difference.

UPDATE: Via Baseball Musings, the Dodgers have gone all in, landing Ryan Dempster on

top of Shane Victorino and Hanley Ramirez. The Giants

got Hunter Pence. *sigh* I feel like Charlie Brown at Halloween.

UPDATE: Whew. The Dodgers didn’t get Dempster. That’s a big relief.

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