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You know, I've kind of ignored all the A-Rod mess. I think he probably broke the rules, and he's obviously a fucking moron, but, I have to say, the leaks and character assassinations have really gotten out of hand. And on top of it all is the bullshit line that Bud –Superman– Selig is somehow cleaning up the game and saving the children. He's learned from his mistakes, and now baseball is gonna be the one sport that gets it right. Yeah, right.

That isn't possible. It is not possible to legislate risk. It is not possible to tell people to do everything they can to be the best, but not that. It is not possible to ask that every member of your union be a completely uniform actor in a complicated world. The goal that baseball is aiming for, that the suits in the MLB and MLBPA offices are aiming for, is not available, and these people are just not smart enough to realize that.

It's sad, really. Thirty years from now, this chapter in baseball history is going to be laughed at. The managers who speak out against the “cheats” are embarrassing themselves. Players like Mike Trout, calling for a lifetime ban for all the “cheats,” don't even seem to understand how the process of discovering the “cheats” works. Neither do the sportswriters. Nor do the managers. The GM's. The agents. These people, who are rushing to throw the Ryan Braun's and A-Rod's under the bus, don't seem to understand how damaging it is to the Players Union, and to the protection of the rights of the players themselves this rush to judgement really is. The players who accepted their suspensions without appeal have literally undone 40 years of advances in the relationship between management and players. Without so much as an argument.

The sportswriters of this generation are destroying the very reputations they hope to burnish with all of their moralizing and posturing and saving of the children. Here's Mike Lupica, once again telling us how Seligula is a great man:

…. It is worth pointing out all over again that the same people who like to bang Bud Selig around for not doing enough about steroids in the buy cialis online no prescription old days now want to bang him around for doing too much.

You sort of can’t have it both ways.

Yeah, well, yes you can. Seligula did do nothing when he was being told he had a problem, and now he is doing too much. He is literally burning down the forest to save a couple of trees. Oh, and Mike? So are you. You and the rest of you children savers are guilty of the same thing. You guys did nothing when the problem was staring you in the face, and yes, you too are now doing too much. It's called over-correcting. It's a common problem. So common, really, that it's a cliche. Just like your protect the commissioner, fuck the players approach to writing.

Your position is shameless, embarrassing, and honestly ridiculous. Thanks for telling us that the boss is right. Never would have imagined that was the case. Oh, and of course….. Fuck all these players. They make too much money anyway. And they don't care about baseball the way you do. Thanks. I forgot.

UPDATE: A-Rod's lawyer is as pissed off as I am:

…. “They are threatening people if they don't speak to MLB; they will refer them to law enforcement,” Tacopina said. “A lawyer can't do that. That is what Major League Baseball lawyers have done here, telling witnesses that they will expose them to the media if they don't speak to them. We have a videotape of MLB investigators flashing badges into a gated community to try and find a witness. That is illegal. Why they are acting the way they are acting, I don't know. Why do they think it is OK to tell mom and dad that, 'We're sorry Mr. Bosch injected your minor, your son with narcotics, controlled substances? We are going to tell the federal prosecutors that he has been a really good guy that he helped us get some baseball players so you shouldn't prosecute him.' That's the deal that they made with this guy.”

…. “I would love nothing more than to sit here and be able to talk about Alex's testing results and MLB allegations and MLB's investigation into Biogenesis as it relates to Alex and specific dates and specific tests,” Tacopina said. “Nothing more, but there is a confidentially clause of the JDA. I will make Manfred a deal if he, in writing, waives the confidentially clause, and agrees that it would not be a breach of the confidentially clause, if he allows us to discuss exactly what he wants us to discuss, including the testing result, including the specifics of the tests, the results, we would be happy to discuss it. It would be my pleasure to discuss it. I would love to discuss it. But the minute I discuss it, I'm in violation of the confidentially clause of the JDA. Unlike them, I'm not going to hide behind some anonymous source leaking stuff that is in violation of the confidentially clause like they have done from Day 1.”

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