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…. Short and sweet

Mike Lupica calls for the feds to get involved, in another of his rantings and ravings about what a dick A-Rod is:

…. There is only

one way for Major League Baseball and for the rest of us to get the answers we need on Bosch the “biochemist” and Braun and A-Rod and all the other misunderstood ballplayers who have made the PED version of the Dean’s List, known as Bosch’s List: Get everybody in front of a grand jury and make them tell their stories under oath, not to their PR men.

It's interesting that, in an article about Ryan Braun, Lupica still finds a way to make it all about A-Rod. Interesting that a sportswriter thinks it is so important to find out whether a guy who plays a game for a living did something Lupica doesn't agree with, that he should be investigated by Buy propecia 5mg the federal government; and that he gets to say that in a major newspaper without being vilified for his ignorance and foolishness.

This is the the second

piece Lupica has written suggesting that the only answer, the only way to get to the bottom of it all, is to bring in the feds:

…. You may be one of those who didn’t care what Armstrong was taking, doesn’t care if Bonds or Clemens were juiced to the gills. You may be one of those, like Armstrong’s enablers, who fall back now on the defense that Everybody Was Doing It. But if you believe these guys are cheats, if you are one who believes that what the juicers have done is a form of athletic fraud, then you should want the government to get to the bottom of this with Rodriguez and everybody else.

He should have to tell his story under oath, not to Oprah or Katie.

In a country going through a recession, a country racked by illegal money manipulations at the highest levels, a country where one of the political parties has decided to bring normal government to a screeching halt with no consequence; in this country, Mike Lupica thinks the federal government should spend millions more investigating baseball players for using drugs to help them play better. Great perspective there, Mike.


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