…. Fools rush in

The NY Mets are providing everyone with a textbook example of how not to handle extending someone’s contract. All RA Dickey did for them was win a Cy Young Award, put together one of the dominant seasons in team history, and show up everywhere as a generally good guy. After David Wright’s massive contract, Dickey, who is entering the final year of his contract getting around $5 million in ’13, had his agent contact the team about an extension.

The Mets response was to dick him around, low-ball him, and then begin to let it slip out in the media that he’s old, that historically knuckleball pitchers are unreliable and unable to repeat their success, and now they’re tarnishing his reputation with a bunch of made-up lies and distortions about him being a prima donna.

Thanks for all the hard work and dedication.

If I’m David Wright, I probably pretty pissed off right now. Part of David’s negotiations included meetings with team brass to get assurance’s that the team would be investing in the short and long term to improve the team and be competitive, to bring a championship to NY –something that I consider to be a ridiculous bunch of crap as it is– but nonetheless, Wright was given assurances that he would be the cornerstone of an up and coming contender.

Excuse me, but contending teams start and end with great pitching, and Dickey appears to have become just that. Trading

a fan favorite, a 20-game winner, a guy who gave the New York fans a reason to come to the ball park, a guy who was pretty much the only Met player on SportsCenter for the entire season…. trading that guy for prospects ( especially this bunch of prospects) is ridiculous. And now that we already know the players the Mets get won’t be top of the line because of his age, not to mention all of the crap the Mets are leaking to NY media…. well, this is just an epic fail of the highest order.

The Mets got upset because Dickey let everyone know he was unhappy with being dicked around? Please. The whole reason Sandy Alderson was brought here was to help the team stop acting like a teenager was running it. Now he takes it personal if a guy who is being asked about his contract every day says he wishes it were done already? Unprofessional, petty, and vindictive to boot. He’s basically telling Dickey, fuck you, I’ll send you to the gulags. That’s an embarrassingly poor response by someone who should be able to take the high road.

UPDATE: Over at Grantland, Rany Jazayerli brings a little more detail into the Dickey situation. In doing so, he echoes my thoughts on the subject, albeit without the potty mouth:

…. Given the market for Greinke, you’d think that a true ace pitcher — say, a pitcher who won the Cy Young Award this past season — would be primed to cash in. David Price, who won the award in the American League, is three years from free agency, and already the clock is ticking on how long the Tampa Bay Rays can afford to keep him. The National League winner is just a year away from free agency, and ought to earn $20 million or more per season on a long-term deal. How fortunate for his team, then, that he’s willing to sign at a discount, asking for just a two-year extension

for about $13 million a season. Any rational organization would have that contract on his agent’s desk before the words were out of his mouth.

…. Dickey is hardly a one-year wonder. While he has never pitched quite as well as he did in 2012 — few pitchers have — he was one of the 15 best pitchers in the NL in both 2010 and 2011. Consider this:

R.A. Dickey, 2010–2012: 91 starts, 617 IP, 2.95 ERA, 468 Ks, 150 walks
Zack Greinke, 2010–2012: 95 starts, 604 IP, 3.83 ERA, 582 Ks, 154 walks

In Greinke’s defense, he was the better pitcher in 2009. In Dickey’s defense, Greinke signed for three times as long and nearly six times as much money as Dickey requested from the Mets. To repay Dickey’s Cy Young performance this season, not only did the Mets turn down his request, they embarked on a misguided character assassination campaign against Dickey in the media. Dickey addressed his contract situation at the Mets’ holiday party? HE HAD THE AUDACITY TO ANSWER QUESTIONS FROM REPORTERS?! The nerve of that guy.

Again, if I were David Wright, I would be serious second thoughts about signing on for the rest of my career with an organization that appears to be this far from competent.

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