…. Miracle?

In one hour, the SF Giants will

attempt the impossible; they will try to come back from an 0-2 deficit by winning three games in a row on the road. Can they pull it off? What seemed impossible just three days ago now seems likely. I say seems, because nothing is as it seems in this years playoffs. So the fact that the Giants have their ace starting today may seem like a huge advantage, but it’s just as likely the team’s engage in a slugfest, with an 8-4 final score or something like that.

I love our chances, really, but who the hell knows how it’s gonna play out? All I know is we have the best starting pitcher on our team right now going for us. If you’d told me we’d have a Game Five with Cain going after that 9-0 humiliation, I mean come on. We’re already talking best case scenario.

UPDATE: Again, Crawford has played his way onto the bench, something that Bochy apparently cannot see. He has now gone hitless so far in the postseason, he just made an obvious error in the first inning (generously scored a hit, but come on), and with Arias absolutely scorching the ball, it would seem clear that he must be given the seat, but no.

And don’t give me that Crawford’s a great glove bullshit. He’s made as many errors

(second most in the NL with 18 this season, 25 in 204 career games) as any shortstop in baseball. He’s a serviceable glove, and an awful hitter.

UPDATE: No sooner do I write about how bad he’s been, he rips a triple and drives in the first run of the game.

UPDATE: Wow. What an inning. What a massive, MASSIVE grand slam by Posey. 6-0 Giants. Oh, and how in the hell does Baker let Latos pitch to Posey there? Really questionable decision, or lack thereof.

UPDATE: Same indecision by Bochy, needlessly trying to get more out of Cain. Now it’s 6-3 and the Reds are completely back in it. It’s time for Cain to sit down. What is he waiting for? This is a huge fail by Bochy. Shouldn’t have let him hit last inning, shouldn’t have been allowed to face Ludwick, should’ve been taken out immediately after the home run, nobody up and ready…. What the hell happened to the guy who managed yesterday’s game?

I can’t believe my eyes right here. I can’t believe the Reds are batting with the tying run at the plate, and Cain is still in the game.

UPDATE: This is a mistake. Bochy should be treating this situation like the ninth. Romo is the guy for Ludwick here.

UPDATE: Man, what a game. Three straight innings with the tying run at the plate. It’s Romo’s game now, right? Unbelievable. You knew the Reds weren’t gonna roll over, but wow, what a battle.

UPDATE: Four straight innings with the tying run at the plate? Man.

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