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…. Lousy luck

The Giants lost to the Reds in large part because of really bad luck. Cain made essentially one mistake, the two-run bomb to Phillips, Brandon Belt had the most exciting and productive o-fer I’ve ever seen, and all of our line drives were caught. On to the first must-win game of the season.

UPDATE: Wow. Easily the worst Giants game of the year, a game in which the entire team, Bochy included, simply could do nothing right. What a dismal last game of the season in 2012, barring the impossible. There’s just so many things that went wrong that it’s not

the least bit worth it to recap.

UPDATE: Via Baseball Prospectus:

…. Bronson Arroyo picked Sunday to have the best start of his career. Maybe not the very, very best start of his career. He’s thrown three-hit shutouts before, and he has struck out 12 in a game before. But this was pretty darned close: he went seven innings, allowed one hit and one walk, and threw 91 pitches before he left the game in an act of mercy and before his teammates started circling the bases at will and humiliating a 94-win Giants team.

Ninety-four wins is a lot of wins, not much fewer than the 97 that the Reds won. The teams are, factually speaking, not very far apart from each other. But in two games, the Reds have outscored their opponents 14-2 and outhit them 22-9. They’ve hit their fly balls farther, they’ve hit more line drives, and when they’ve allowed line drives they’ve been perfectly positioned to field them.

Bochy should have managed this game like the must win it was. Instead, he left Bumbarner in the game until he allowed 4 runs, a catastrophic act of indecision that was compounded by wasting Lincecum in a game that was thisclose to being already over. Now, I can’t imagine Lincecum being available unless the Giants can somehow force

a Game 5, which seems incredibly unlikely at this point.

Anybody still think this team couldn’t use Melky?

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