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…. How sweep it is!!!
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…. Go for it

Win tonight. Finish the Tigers off. Don't give them any chance to breathe.

Get the lead, pitch your ass off, and finish them off.

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Go Giants!!

UPDATE: 3-3 game, one out, top of the 7th, runner on second, lefty coming in a

gainst the left-handed Crawford. This is a great time to pinch hit Arias for Crawford.

UPDATE: I said it was a mistake, and it was.

UPDATE: I'd also mention,

it's time to pull Cain.


…. Back 2 Back

The SF Giants

are one win from another World Series title, after a

second 2-0 win in a row against the Detroit Tigers!!!

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…. Two is the magic number

The Giants win Game Two, 2-0, after allowing only two hits

against the vaunted Tigers lineup. Halfway home!!!

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UPDATE: Verducci :

…. Since San Francisco faced elimination against St. Louis in the NLCS, down three games to one, it has run off five consecutive wins in which it has outscored the Cardinals and Tigers 30-4 while committing only one error, never trailing at any point in 45 consecutive innings, and holding opposing hitters to a .181 batting average. Its starting pitchers in this run are 5-0 with a 1.64 ERA while allowing only six walks in 33 innings.

UPDATE: So does Tim Flannery:

…. The Giants can't explain what's happening. So they're not even going to try. They have won big, slugging their

way into history. They've won small, with bunts that come to a screeching halt just millimeters fair. They've won with exquisite baseball fundamentals, like the backup cutoff man being in perfect position. They've won with weird hops and triple-hits that even seasoned baseball players dub “magic.” They've won on the verge of elimination. And by jumping out to a commanding 2-0 World Series lead.

Who can figure it out? The best advice comes from team spiritual adviser and runner-sender Tim Flannery.

“As the great Carlos Santana – the guitar player, not the catcher – told us in 2010,” third base coach Flannery recalled, “you've got to know when to get out of the way of yourself.”

I couldn't have said it better. I love the concept of becoming invisible. That is the way to be totally committed to what you are doing. Disappear. It's harder than it sounds.


…. One down

Three home runs in his first three at bats puts Pablo Sandoval in elite, rare company. He put the team on his shoulders, Barry Zito put the Tigers to sleep, and the Giants continued their improbable run, demolishing Detroit and the “best pitcher on the planet” 8-3 in Game One.

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What is there to say? Sandoval hit his first home run on an 0-2 shoulder high fastball. Verlander hadn't given up a home run on an 0-2 pitch all season. On the second, all Verlander could do was say “wow.” As for the rest of his at bats, let's

just say that the hardest Sandoval hit the ball all night was probably the screaming line drive

single in his fourth at bat.

As for Zito, I just added a Barry Zito category, because he is doing what they said can't be done. For that matter, I said it too. Good for him. Good for the Giants. Tigers are on their heels.


…. Game One

I have written –several times– that the Giants are shooting themselves in the cheap uk viagra foot by keeping Melky off the roster. Fine, they've gotten this far, I guess I'll give it a rest.

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The Tigers aren't as good as the looked in demolishing a dying Yankee team that had about three quaters of it's roster playing like they were 100 years old. Their pitchers aren't unhittable every game. Miguel Cabrera is a terrific hitter, but he doesn't hit a home run every at bat. I wish Bochy would move Cain to Game

Three, but who knows, maybe it won't matter.

If Lincecum can channel Bob Gibson again, and Zito can channel Greg Maddux once more, well, as they say, anything can happen.

I'm glad we're here, but I want it all. Is that so bad?

UPDATE: Holy Shit!!! Pablo three times, Zito unreal. 1-0 Giants. Unbelievable game.

Last four games, 28-4 in favor of the Giants. They haven't trailed in any inning.


…. Giants win the pennant!

For the third time since I started OBM, I get to write those words. The Giants completed their second miracle comeback, winning the last three games of the NLCS to overtake the defending champs, after tonight’s improbable 9-0 wipeout. After falling behind three games to one, they outscored the Cardinals 20-1 to win the NL crown.

After going the distance in both of their series so far, early reports have them sending Barry Zito against baseball’s best pitcher, Justin Verlander in Game one. Who cares? Is there any doubt the baseball gods are smiling on them?

After seeing the super slow motion replay of Hunter Pence’s bat hitting the baseball not once, not twice, but three times on the critical three-run double in the third inning, can anyone doubt the provenance?

By the by, Sports Illustrated actually figured out that, even though no one could see it live, the extra bat contact is allowable under major league rules:


Rule 6.05 (h) states that a batter is ruled out and the play is ruled dead with no advancement by the runners when the batters hits a ball a second time in fair territory. But the rule does include a comment where can i buy furosemide online specifically to address the circumstance of a broken bat causing a double hit. It states, “if a bat breaks and part of it is in fair territory and is hit by a batted ball or part of it hits a runner or fielder, play shall continue and no interference called.”

Congratulations to the entire Giants organization, to Bruce Bochy, Brian Sabean, Dave Righetti and the rest of the staff, to NLCS MVP Marco Scutaro, and to the San FRancisco Giants. See you Wednesday.

…. Seventh Heaven

The SF Giants once again stave off elimination, beating the Cardinals 6-1 behind the game of Ryan Vogelsong's life, two days after the game of Barry Zito's life. Matt Cain has already had the game of his life earlier this season, when he threw a perfect game. He doesn't need to have the game of his life, just

a solid six innings, 1 run allowed or something like that.

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…. Matt Cain faces Kyle Lohse in a rematch of the Cardinals' Game 3 win. It will be the first Game 7 played in San Francisco since the 1962 World Series.

The winner goes to the Serious.

Right now, Posey is encased in

ice, Pablo Sandoval is swinging a hot bat, and the Giants have stifled the Cards offense for two straight games.

UPDATE: Still batting in the bottom of the third, the Giants leading 7-0. I'm not gonna look it up, but I bet they haven't been up 7-0 at any time all season. Anybody?

UPDATE: 8-0, top eighth, two on, one out.

UPDATE: Giants win!!!


…. Unimaginable

Of all the outcomes I imagined for tonight's game 5 against the Cards, Barry Zito throwing 7 2/3 shutout innings wasn't one of them. In an almost unpr

ecedented performance, Zito pitched the game of his life, took the Giants'

season on his back, and shut down the hottest top selling herbal viagra offense in the playoffs as the Giants won 5-0 to bring the series back to SF.

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…. Disaster

Lincecum completely flailed. Unable to throw strikes, even to the pitcher, he put the team in another do or die hole, once again needing to win three in a row to advance. If the Giants fail to complete their miracle, the World Series will feature two 88 win teams, two teams that finished with the 11th and 12th best records in baseball.

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Pretty disappointing game today.

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