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…. All Stars

The SF Giants sent four players to the All Star Game, and all four of them made it count:

…. “Thank you,” Matt Cain said with a c

elebratory chuckle, the winning pitcher in the National League’s 8-0 victory over the American League in Tuesday night’s 83rd All-Star Game. “That couldn’t have been any better. I appreciate that, especially on my end of it, to get that lead early with Panda hitting the triple.

“I can’t thank the fans enough to be able to vote them in. That shows the support we have in the Bay Area.”

Panda, a.k.a. Pablo Sandoval, who had zoomed past Mets third baseman David Wright in the final week of All-Star voting, hit a three-run triple to highlight a five-run first inning.

Melky Cabrera, who surged from fourth to first among outfielders late in the voting process, hit a homer and single and was named the game’s MVP.

And Buster Posey, who received the NL’s most votes (7.6 million), caught Cain’s scoreless two innings and drew a first-inning walk. Cabrera, Posey and Sandoval all scored in the first inning.

UPDATE: Yeah, well, I’ve been wrong before, and I’m sure I will again; in defense of myself, my reasons, which I think I did explain, were that Melky had had a single season of effectiveness, and Sanchez was the rare combination of lefty with legit 95 MPH fastball. And historically, for whatever reason, left-handed pitchers tended towards developing later in their careers.

That said, at this point it’s clear that the Giants are winning the trade by a wide margin. But it’s still only half a season. If Sanchez turns it around, there is no doubt that his upside is higher than Cabrera’s, regardless of his 200 hits a season profile. If Sanchez can harness his talents, he could still be a viable front of the rotation pitcher.

Nevertheless, that’s all

speculation. Cabrera has made great strides, and is proving himself everyday. Congratulations to him and Sabean. Obviously, this trade has been a terrific one for the Giants in 2012.

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