…. Humiliation

The US Federal Government, under the direction of the IRS, Jeff Novitzky, and bevy of federal investigators, prosecutors and judges, has been dealt a devastating and quite clearly embarrassing loss today, as New– Metabolic Enhancement Training (m.e.t – High Converting!

/2012/writers/michael_rosenberg/06/18/roger.clemens.not.guilty/index.html?eref=sihp&sct=hp_t12_a0″>Roger Clemens joins Barry Bonds in virtually clean sweeping their accusers. After spending something in the ranges of $120 million dollars, after countless illegal searches, witness intimidations and appeals, motions and legal maeuverings, the feds find themselves, once again, losing in the court of law. Roger Clemens has been found not guilty of all charges, less than a year after Barry Bonds was found guilty of one count, obstruction of justice, in his farce.

Shame on the government, wasting enormous amounts of money, time, and damaging the reputations and careers of athletes, remember, athletes. Disgraceful behavior, and all I can say is thank God the juries saw through this sham.

UPDATE: When I say sham, I mean, it was a house of cards, an “investigation” into something that simply was not worthy of investigation. There was no evidence. It was he said, she said, with a famous guy getting his name and reputation destroyed in the process. It was the feds saying, “Fuck that guy, he lied to us, let’s make him pay.” And pay he did. Clemens knows his name will never again be free from connections with PED’s.

The BALCO investigation, the one that started us down this maze of bullshit, started because of a personal gripe Jeff Novitzky had against Barry Bonds. Novitzky thought Bonds was arrogant, and he went out and broke the law, stepped way outside the boundaries of his authority, exceeded his responsibilities, and eventually got Bonds in court. The cost of the Bonds’ trial was estimated to be in the range of $50 million dollars, and seven years later, after putting Greg Anderson in jail for almost two full years in an effort to coerce him into testifying against his friend failed, the trial ended with Bonds being found guilty of a single charge of obstruction of justice. He got a couple of months house arrest.

Now Clemens doesn’t even have to deal with that kind of BS, he only has to deal with the baseball Hall of Fame writers who have decided that they have to save the children, so they’re already writing how they aren’t gonna let him in anyway, regardless of what the jury of his peers thought. They know better, apparently. They know he cheated, even though he didn’t. Even though they say everyone was doing it, and baseball was pretending it wasn’t a problem, they have decided that these guys, the ones who beat all their heroes, are gonna pay.

Again, if the powers that be in baseball don’t care about the BBWAA abusing it’s privilege, then why should we? If Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire, Roger Clemens, Andy Pettitte, Rafael Palmeiro, Jeff Bagwell, Mike Piazza and countless other all-time great players are going to be black-balled, then what kind of Hall do you have? I’ll tell you, you have one that will be increasingly marginalized. You’ll have a Hall that will be missing an entire era of stars. And you’ll have a Hall that will be missing it’s fans.

I don’t need Bill Madden to protect me from Roger Clemens. I don’t need Mike Lupica to protect the “honor” of the Hall of Fame from Barry Bonds. The Hall of Fame is there to honor the greatest baseball players of all time. The short list I just put up contains some of the greatest baseball players to ever wear a uniform. If they aren’t in the Hall of Fame, it is the Hall of Fame’s loss. It is the fans loss. It is baseball’s loss.

UPDATE, Part II: Charles P. Pierce says what I want to say so mnuch more eloquently and clearly that I am almost embarrassed to link to his work. Read the whole thing:

…. trying Clemens a second time has to be the biggest waste of federal criminal-justice resources since the last time Alberto Gonzales drew a paycheck.

…. Après lui, of course, come the hysterics, the stalwart drug warriors who have fashioned high dudgeon into profitable careers fighting what my friend Scott Lemieux, of the Lawyers, Guns, and Money blog, calls “The War On (Some Classes of People Who Use Some) Drugs.” The anti-drug enforcement complex — which was born in the drug frenzies of the 1980s, but has its deepest roots in the racially compromised anti-drug campaigns

that began in the 1920s — found its way into sports through the current hand-wringing about PEDs, as though every drug with which sports have acclimated themselves doesn’t “enhance” performance in some way. I don’t know what’s funnier — the fact that it seems to have dawned suddenly on the drug warriors and their media enablers that the great unwashed masses out there simply don’t give a damn about their grand crusade, or the fact that it seems to have dawned suddenly on those same people that really rich guys can afford really good lawyers.

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