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…. Bang!

Angel Pagan adds to his impressive start, slamming a three-run home run in the ninth inning, leading the Giants to a nice 6-5 comeback win. Panda has a 19-game hitting streak, a Giants all-time record, as the offense continues to show signs of life.

…. Joaquin Arias led off the ninth against Cincinnati closer Sean Marshall (0-2) with a walk, and Ryan Theriot followed with a single. After pinch-hitter Brett Pill struck out, Pagan lofted a 1-2 pitch 386 feet into the left field seats to

snap the Giants’ losing streak in Cincinnati at seven games.

Posey is fourth in the NL with a .368 batting average, Sandoval is 11th, Cabrera is 20th, and Schierholz is 23rd. The Giants are 8th in runs scored, 7th in home runs, 3rd in batting average, 7th in OBP, 5th in SLG, and 6th in OPS. Life-changing? Obviously not, but still, these numbers, albeit a small sample, are very encouraging. If the pitching can stabilize at our expected high level, we should be able to win a lot of games.

Sabean deserves some kudos for what looks like a much improved offense.

…. I’m Back

The Malware issue has been resolved.

I’ll be posting again soon. Thanks for your patience.

…. Tumbled

The Giants just finished off being swept in Arizona, as Matt Cain couldn’t hold a six-run lead, Jeremy Affeldt couldn’t earn his salary, and Buster Posey couldn’t deliver a game-winning hit for the second time in the series. The Giants are 0-3, last

in the division. Excuse me, but someone needs to tell the Giants the games count now. Brandon Crawford, a glove-first shortstop last season, has already made two game-changing errors, and the pitching has failed to live up to any of the hype that had so many pundits picking the Giants to win the West.

Zito heads out to Colorado to try and stop the skid. Good luck with that.

UPDATE: Guess I should be dismissive of Zito’s chances to win more often. ;-)

4-hit shutout? Unbelievable. Good for him. Good for the Giants.

UPDATE, Part II: Is something going on with Lincecum? Rob Neyer details the pitcher’s surprising decline since his Cy Young days:

…. Lincecum finished (spring training) with the Giants’ third-best strikeout-to-walk ratio, behind Bumgarner and Cain, and the Giants’ third-best home-run ratio, behind Bumgarner and Cain. Based purely on last season, we might have guessed that Lincecum actually entered this season as the Giants’ third-best starting pitcher. Based purely on this March, we might have guessed that Lincecum actually entered this season as the Giants’ third-best starting pitcher.

Also in the piece is some data stating that Lincecum’s velocity is down all the way to 90.

His strikeout/walk data seems to clearly show him losing velocity and command since ’08. That worries me. I’m not panicking, but I’m worried.

…. Humendous

The Giants locked up RH pitcher Matt Cain today, with a deal that makes him one of the highest paid pitchers in major league history. Cain almost c

ertainly would have gotten more if he had waited and tested the free agent waters next season, so even though the 6-year, $127.5 million dollar contract

is huge beyond imagining, it probably should be viewed as a team-friendly deal.

I’ll have more later….

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