…. Epic fail

Sabean couldn’t figure out a way to make this happen? That sure seems like an inexpensive, short-term risk, sort of like the one he threw a

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way on Mark DeRosa, for instance; with the exception of being a risk on a player who actually is a great hitter when healthy.

UPDATE: LOL. Sorry. Christmas. Busy.

This deal highlights our GM’s failures. He couldn’t get a deal that well thought out if he sacrificed his first born son. Jocketty and the rest of the Cardinals front office have consistently out-performed the Giants team of crack baseball minds, as evidenced by their 2 world championships over the last decade –most in all of baseball– while the Giants have now missed the playoffs two of the last three seasons while running out some of the best overall pitching the game has seen in decades.

Two years, $26 million.

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I have listed some of the money that Sabean has thrown away during the last decade so many times, I can find that money in about ten seconds.

…. Sabean has thrown about $35 million in 2010-2011 commitments at DeRosa, Aubrey Huff, Freddy Sanchez, Bengie Molina, and Juan Uribe.

…. Don’t give $18 million to Dave Roberts, $12 million to Marvin Benard, $8 million to Shawon Dunston, $14 million to NEIFI-FUCKING-PEREZ!!!!!

There, that was easy enough.

You want a rant, I’ll give you a rant. ;-)

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