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…. Joe

…. Excuse-city

Henry Schulman acts the puppet for the Giants in this little bit of revisionist history:

…. The same organization that gave Aubrey Huff 2/22 couldn’

t give Beltran 2/26, especially after giving away its top pitching prospect to get him in July?

It is a fair question that speaks to a disconnect between the faithful’s expectations and the team’s philosophy, so soon after a World Series championship and a year of 81 sellouts at AT&T Park.

This is not new. It actually began 15 years ago when Brian Sabean, just named GM, traded one of the game’s best hitters (Matt Williams) to Cleveland essentially for three players: second baseman Jeff Kent, shortstop Jose Vizacaino and pitcher Julian Tavarez, who actually was the key to the deal.

…. Sabean always has believed that it makes little sense to have one or two big players if the supporting cast is weak. He would rather own a room full of toys than one Xbox 360.

First of all, the Williams deal –which has to be considered one of the luckiest deal of the last two decades– has no connection whatsoever to trading one of the top pitching prospects in the organization for a two month rental. And it has no relevance when considering whether to trade more prospects to acquire a mediocre hitter and fielder, as opposed to just ponying up for a top of the line hitter that the team actually needs.

Schulman’s whitewash asks us to accept the premise that Sabean knows all, that he can see how every deal is going to work out, that he is always successful. None of those things are true. He’s been fleeced far more often than not over the last decade. Name the trade over the last five years that’s been a huge win for the Giants. If Wheeler is starting for the Mets this season, and winning, that’ll be the third big deal in a row where Sabean got his lunch handed to him.

Oh, and by the way, when Sabean had the one Xbox 360 –Bonds– the team contended for a title for basically fifteen straight years. If not for the Giants miracle run, coupled with the Padres staggering collapse in 2010, Sabean would be watching the playoffs on TV for the last 8 seasons.

Oh, and the losers, retreads and has-beens he’s been parading around dressed in orange and black aren’t toys. They’re lumps of coal.

…. I must admit I think folks are underestimating Cabrera’s potential impact. The guy did come to bat 706 times for Kansas City last year and hit .305/.340/.470 with 18 home runs from the second spot in the order and playing 81 home games in a pitchers’ park. An outlier year? Kind of

hard to say that when the guy is supposed to be 27 years old.

Wow. Sabean couldn’t have said it better. Of course, that’s a line of bullshit a mile deep. You wanna know what Cabrera’s gonna bring to the team? 500 outs, that’s what. FIVE. HUNDRED. OUTS.

…. Epic fail

Sabean couldn’t figure out a way to make this happen? That sure seems like an inexpensive, short-term risk, sort of like the one he threw a

way on Mark DeRosa, for instance; with the exception of being a risk on a player who actually is a great hitter when healthy.

UPDATE: LOL. Sorry. Christmas. Busy.

This deal highlights our GM’s failures. He couldn’t get a deal that well thought out if he sacrificed his first born son. Jocketty and the rest of the Cardinals front office have consistently out-performed the Giants team of crack baseball minds, as evidenced by their 2 world championships over the last decade –most in all of baseball– while the Giants have now missed the playoffs two of the last three seasons while running out some of the best overall pitching the game has seen in decades.

Two years, $26 million.

I have listed some of the money that Sabean has thrown away during the last decade so many times, I can find that money in about ten seconds.

…. Sabean has thrown about $35 million in 2010-2011 commitments at DeRosa, Aubrey Huff, Freddy Sanchez, Bengie Molina, and Juan Uribe.

…. Don’t give $18 million to Dave Roberts, $12 million to Marvin Benard, $8 million to Shawon Dunston, $14 million to NEIFI-FUCKING-PEREZ!!!!!

There, that was easy enough.

You want a rant, I’ll give you a rant. ;-)

…. Wasted days and wasted nights

Bonds after $50 million dollars and 9 years:

…. Nearly nine years, thousands of attorneys' hours and reportedly more than $50 million of taxpayer money later, Barry Bonds has finally received notice of punishment for what prosecutors insist was his lying under oath about using performance-enhancing drugs.

Considering the sizable investment of prosecutors' time and Americans' tax dollars, the “punishment” may seem a little light: U.S. District Judge Susan Illston sentenced Bonds, who in April was convicted on one count of obstruction of justice but escaped c

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onviction on perjury, to 30 days of home confinement, two years of probation and 250 hours

of community service.

UPDATE: It didn't take long for the slam jobs on Bonds to start rolling in:

…. It should be an honor and a privilege to be voted into a place that represents and symbolizes baseball’s very best, and if you think of in that context, how can you vote for someone who so blatantly and arrogantly cheated the game?

Just know that in his rush to make sure we know he stands for all that is good and right, Harper has forgotten that Bonds' didn't cheat.

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…. Big Time

Looks like

I made the big-time:

…. It is my pleasure, as founder and editor of this site, to present the second-annual list here of the 50 best baseball players not in the Hall of Fame.

I debuted the first version of this project in December 2010 and based it around a simple idea. Rather than have rankin

Formula 1 Lotto System

gs be based on some all-powerful stat or my opinion, I sought votes from fellow baseball writers, researchers, and anyone else interested. Sixty-three of us voted in all including yours truly, thousands more read our work, and it was an easy decision to make this an annual thing. Truth be told, I’ve spent much of the year looking forward to this.

I used my old work on McGwire, and Graham updated it.


…. Read it and weep

Over at Where have you gone, Joe… OBM friend and contributor +mia has a lot to say that makes sense:

…. You'll G

et Nothing And Like It.
This year's free agent market includes five of the best players in the game at positions the Giants have been pathetic at

for years.

And we get none of them. 'nuff said.


…. Outfield

…. After today’s Angel Pagan deal, we’re still looking at one of the weakest outfields in major league history. Scheirholz, Cabrera and Pagan combined to hit less than 25 home runs last season, and playing at PacBell won’t help either of the newcomers boost their stats.

Bochy envisions Huff playing some left and

right to give Belt more consistency by settling in at first. Nonetheless, we’re gonna need huge seasons from Belt, Posey, Sandoval and Sanchez to have any chance to overcome the huge numbers of outs our outfielders are gonna produce. (not to shortchange Brandon Crawford, but, come on)

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