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…. Upgrade

Brian Sabean rolled the dice yesterday, pulling off the biggest move of the season, when he dealt the seemingly untradeable Zach Wheeler for Carlos Beltran. Beltran is having a terrific season, and instantly becomes the most productive hitter on the team.

I like the deal, although I would've preferred Jose Reyes (younger, faster, etc.). Beltran gives the Giants something they've been missing all year, a proven, consistent

power threat.

Kudos to Sabean for realizing that this team has a legitimate shot at repeating, and making a bold move.

…. The 34-year-old, switch-hitting Beltran, who will be a free agent after the season, has returned from two years scuttled by knee surgery to hit .289/.391/.513 with 15 home runs, 66 RBIs, and a league-leading 30 doubles despite playing his home games in pitcher-friendly Citi Field. His resulting .325 True Average (a total-offense rate statistic scaled similarly to batting average and adjusted for park and league scoring environments) ranks as the second-best of his outstanding career and 11th among major leaguers with 300 or more plate appearances this season.

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UPDATE: Well, it's apparent that Beltran is pressing. That's something like 5 strikeouts in 9 at-bats since he showed up. Somebody needs to tell him to take it easy. Maybe somebody should “get heeeem.”


…. Offensive

I'm sitting here watching the Giants play the Mets, and I'm watching one over-matched hitter after another. It's great, really.

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No, seriously. I can't help wondering how it is that Brian Sabean cannot find a replacement for Chris Stewart, who

just worked a walk, after coming to the plate hitting .172. I'm not saying you give up on the guy. I'm just asking, how is it possible that there is not one single catcher, in any organization, that Brian Sabean couldn't get for another Triple AAA prospect? There's not one player in the whole entirety of Triple AAA who could do better than Stewart?

It's not good for his career –his development as a player– to be up here hitting .172. He ain't getting any better reaching base 17% of the time. And, not for nothing, the Giants simply cannot afford to have a catcher and a shortstop who can't hit as well as their pitchers. Not when you're leadoff guy is batting .230, your first baseman is hitting .240, our second baseman has scored 15 runs in 90 games, and Jose Bautista had more home runs then every outfielder on our team combined.

UPDATE: Although, damn, this team can pitch.

UPDATE: Not Scheirholz. For Chrissakes, the guy is finally looking like an everyday player. I'm talking about replacing a guy who is batting .172. How difficult can that be?


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