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…. Offensive

Well, so much for Pablo Sandoval coming off the DL and giving the team a spark. He comes into tonight 15 for 58 since his return, with 3 doubles, 6 runs scored, and 3 RBI. His batting average was at .313, it's now at .259.

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Aubrey Huff, even though it seems like he's had a decent June, in fact, he's simply vanished. He had 4 home runs in 5 at bats on the

1st and the 2nd of the month. Since then, he's had 4 doubles, 1 triple, 21 singles, and made well over 70 outs. His season, essentially a worse case scenario, has resulted in a .242/.294/.380 .674 OPS, which is killing the team, by the way, since he's hitting at the top of the order every day.

Andres Torres has disappeared as well. A disgusting .205/.326/.308 .634 OPS for the month of June is pretty much putting him on a path to the broadcast booth.

I can't for the life of me see how this team is winning games.

Right now, I get to listen to Krukow telling me that Lincecum and Dempster are locked in a pitcher's duel. Yeah, that's Ryan Dempster, who came into tonight's game 5-6 with a 5.07 ERA.

UPDATE: Heading into the ninth, Dempster has retired 20 consecutive Giants.

UPDATE: Burriss absolutely has to go on that bloop. The mindset has to be that we're not gonna get another chance. What a wasted opportunity.

UPDATE: There is no place for conservative base-running in that situation. There is no waiting for the next guy. Get doubled off second. You can see it's an out or a hit. You have to be coached to see that, and you have to chance it. And so, they lost. Just as I said yesterday, they didn't save any runs for Lincecum, and they lost a game they should have won.


…. Travesty, ad infinitum

The government has been given more time to decide whether they want to retry Bonds on the hung jury charges in his perjury case.

…. U.S. District Judge Susan Illston granted prosecutors’ request for more time to decide whether to try the case again, over the objections of Bonds’ attorney, Allen Ruby. Ruby wanted to know immediately whether the government would continue its yearslong pursuit of Major League Baseball’s career home runs leader.

But the judge testily told Ruby that prosecutors had no obligation to announce their intention until the court resolves Bonds’ motion for outright acquittal or a new trial on the obstruction conviction. Bonds’ attorneys say that the jury erred in concluding the slugger’s rambling answer to a question about injecting steroids was meant to mislead a grand jury’s investigation

into sports doping.

Really? What did she do, give them the evil eye? Who the fuck is she kidding? Under no circumstances should this group of complete assholes be given one ounce of leeway. What a joke. They’ve only been investigating Bonds in this absolutely disgraceful display of ineptitude, waste and vindictiveness for over seven years now, and she testily allows them more time. She is as big a complete sham as everyone else the government has paraded around as they attempt to save the world from Barry Bonds.

Shameful. Truly and totally shameful.

Every person involved in this witch hunt will forever have their names and reputations besmirched by their corrupt participation.

…. Calling all cars

This Giants team is so desperate for offense it’s not even funny anymore. One game after another in which the opposing starter turns into Roy Halladay. 4 straight losses due to a staggering number of blown opportunities, leadoff doubles wasted, and stellar pitching left in the lurch.

It’s time for Sabean to make a move.

Reyes is out there, and Hanley Ramirez might be too. We need a real hitter, right now.

I’d also mention that with the entire team slumping all year long, it might be time for a change with our hitting coach. I’m not saying panic, but Sabean needs to do something.

UPDATE: One of you guys suggested that because the Giants have a lot of average players, upgrades are tough because above average players are expensive. Well, a quick glance at the stats page tells a different story.

Just using runs scored:

Catcher 10th

(without Posey, dead last)
First Base 14th
Second Base 13th
Third Base 12th
Shortstop 16th
Left Field 12th
Center Field 11th
Right Field 11th

The entire team is cover-your-eyes awful. Average? Please. The average left fielder has scored 35 runs. The Giants left fielders have combined to score 17 runs. The numbers are exactly the same for our shortstops.

The Giants are below average at every position on the diamond. There are but a handful of players on this team who should be safe as a Giant. Something needs to be done. Sure, Vogelsong is a great story. He’s also a 32 year old journeyman pitcher with a career record of 10-22 with a 5.84 ERA coming into this season.

If a GM can transform his out of the blue performance into a massive upgrade at a key position in the diamond, it is the kind of move that absolutely has top be considered. And Reyes is no guarantee to be a rental. You think he’d like to play behind a pitching staff that is younger than he is and leading all of baseball in strikeouts, one that just led their bottom feeding offense to a championship?

To suggest otherwise is laughable.

…. Bad to worse

Losing Sanchez, just the most consistent hitter on the team right now, is a big setback. It makes me wonder just how many more setbacks this team can handle. It's up to the pitchers to

carry the load, and hope that Sandoval comes back raking.

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Last night, Nate was great again, with his second walk-off hit in a week. This Cincinnati team is tough.

If Sanchez is out for more than a month, I think the idea of trading for Reyes becomes a lot more feasible.


…. Can’t buy a run

The Giants need to get their

offense going, no question. I'd love to see a trade for Jose Reyes. but Crawford looks like the real deal, so maybe my hopes might be dashed.

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Something's gotta give, Brian….


…. Nate the great

The Giants won tonight behind what was perhaps Nate Schierholtz’s best game as a a pro:

…. Nate Schierholtz did have a great night with three big hits.

He singled against Jake Westbrook to start the three-run tying rally in the sixth, a mere trifle compared with what he did later.

Cardinals closer Fernando Salas, who had been 10-for-10 in saves, retired the first two Giants in the ninth on three pitches before he walked Huff on four. With Schierholtz batting, Burriss, a pinch-runner, stole second. With his team down to its last strike, Schierholtz shot a single through the middle to get Burriss home for a 5-5 tie.

…. In the 11th, also with two outs, Schierholtz broke

the tie with a single against Ryan Franklin after Freddy Sanchez hit his second double. Schierholtz scored an insurance run on a Brandon Crawford single.

…. Re-think

The venerable Will Carroll my initial fears:

…. It’s not news that Posey is done for the season. It is news that he might be done as catcher. While the Giants won’t acknowledge the possibility, and while Posey is insisting he’ll be back at catcher, the procedure done makes it difficult for many to think he’ll be able to do so effectively.

In essence, Posey had the worst high ankle sprain possible. “Ignore the fractured fibula,” said one orthopedic surgeon who works on high profile athletes. “It’s the syndesmosis that is going to be very, very tough on him.”

Most think that Posey will be able to come back and be able to run and hit, but the burden of crouching is where it gets a bit confusing. “Watch a catcher’s ankles during a game,” said one NL athletic trainer. “They’re always involved. They’re never north-and-south.” That burden on a repaired syndesmosis might be asking too much. Posey will still be an athlete, so it’s the specific demands of catching that will tax him, not the normal “baseball activities” he would see at any other position.

I expect the Giants will give him every opportunity to catch, but I’m not confident that it will work out.

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