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…. Laughable

The NY Daily News’ Bill Madden embarrasses himself in this blatant attempt to land on the “right” side of the morally pure:

…. Bud Selig could make this

easy for everyone by citing those precedents and placing Bonds on baseball’s permanent ineligible list.

That is just ridiculous, really. Just like all the writers falling all over themselves to make sure we know that the prosecution “won” in the farce of as trial we just witnessed. Nobody “won.” Justice wasn’t served, didn’t prevail or overcome. Her wheels didn’t grind exceedingly fine. This was a witch hunt, a travesty, an outrage that anyone associated with will forever find themselves smeared in.

Bonds is gonna get in the Hall of Fame or not, and at this point, with the Hall being used by the writers to make some moral statement, who cares anymore. If the man who has the hit the most home runs in a a season and in a career doesn’t get in, and the man who has the most hits of all time doesn’t, and a pitcher who is arguably the greatest ever doesn’t, well, then, what the hell kind of Hall of Fame do you have? One that will lose all relevance to the fans who love the game. At some point, you just have to accept that people are fallible, a simple and reasonable stance that these guardians of purity have completely forgotten.

The sportswriters who choose to deny these great players don’t deserve their vote. Well, maybe deserve isn’t the right way to put that. They are using their vote to make a statement. They are using the Hall of Fame. That doesn’t seem right to me.

A Hall of Fame is for honoring the greatest baseball players of all time, not the nicest, or the ones who are the most polite.

Oh, and not for nothing, but Seligula is gonna get in the Hall of Fame on day, and he has no business banning anyone.

…. Fail

As in, epic fail.

…. The fourth count is obstruction of justice, which alleges that MLB’s all-time home runs leader hindered the grand jury’s sports doping investigation by lying.

This is the result of this witch hunt, this vendetta, more than seven years, tens of millions of dollars, and in the end, a disgraceful waste of time, money, and human resources.

UPDATE: Michael McCann has some that are worth your time:

….Obstruction of justice is a “catch-all” criminal charge that covers a wide-range of illegal conduct in impeding the administration of justice. In the case of Barry Bonds, he was intentionally evasive and misleading while testifying before the grand jury in 2003. Although he may not

have knowingly lied about using steroids or being injected by Greg Anderson, his responses to the grand jury were nonetheless dishonest in other ways, such as in framing his answers to confuse jurors or in deliberately omitting facts and other information.

The jury instructions for Count Five referred to four statements which Bonds made to the grand jury in 2003. All 12 jurors believed that Bonds committed obstruction of justice in at least one of them….

…. No defense

Finally, after three solid starts by Lincecum, Sanchez and Cain, Zito gives us his standard, just good enough to lose routine. Ten seconds after the offense bails him out, Runzler follows up with a cover-your-eyes-awful inning, and the Giants start the season losing three of

four to the hated Dodgers.


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