…. It didn’t take long

For someone in the national media to say something stupid uninformed about the Giants:

…. If we look exclusively at the

factors pitchers control most directly, which are strikeouts, walks and home runs, they look more like league-average innings eaters than shutdown stars.

…. the 2010 Giants are hardly a historically great run-prevention team. Their hitters will probably have to pick up some slack for them to win the World Series.

That someone happens to be Dan Rosenheck of the NY Times, who apparently was asleep every night of September while the Giants posted one of the great stretch runs of pitching in baseball history.

Over a span of 26 games, –during which they had to win every game– all the Giants pitching staff did was roll out a 1.78 ERA, throw 5 shutouts, allow 46 earned runs in 232 innings, pile up 234 strikeouts, allow just 58 walks, and hold the opposition to a Neifi Perez-like .181/.241/.283/ .524 OPS line, with just 15 home runs, and post a team-wide .90 WHIP, 4.02 K/BB and 9.06 K/9IP.

Just for the record, St Louis posted a 2.46 ERA in September of 2001, the only team in baseball over the last ten years to be within one run of matching what the Giants just did.

I was gonna do a side by side with Texas, but, really, there is no point. That is, in fact, an historically great run of pitching, and I challenge Dan Rosenheck (or anybody) to come up with a team that has had a run like that in the last twenty years.

By the by, during the postseason, the Giants numbers have regressed, just a bit.

So far, in 91 innings, the Giants have a 2.47 ERA, with 102 strikeouts, 28 walks, and 2 more shutouts. They’ve allowed 25 earned runs, and a .199/274/.297 .571 OPS line. They’re K/BB has dropped to 3.31, while their strikeouts per 9 has increased to 10.46. Their team-wide WHIP is 1.02.

But, this isn’t the same pitching staff that started the season, just as it isn’t the same offense.

UPDATE: The NY Times’ Dan Rosenheck took the time top reply to my rant. CVheck out the backtalk. Kudos to Dan for joining the fray here at OBM. I disagree with him, but his willingness to back and forth demonstrates his character and toughness.

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