…. Zito bashing

I didn’t even get a chance to write that I was worried that Zito couldn’t keep the pitching streak going, and I walked in the living room to see that he was in the process of blowing a 4-2 lead. incredibly, the Giants hitters have bailed him out, at least to this point of the game.

It’s 8-6 G-men, with two on and nobody out in the sixth, after the Giants have put up six consecutive hits.

Torres was back tonight. He hit a homer, ran down a couple of blasts, and then left the game, hopefully just for precautionary reasons.

UPDATE: Hard to lose a game in a worse way than that. 4-2 lead, 9-6 lead, 9-7 lead, bottom of the ninth….. That was pretty awful. First time in a month that the bullpen faltered. Oh well. Zito is terrible. Just like that, out of the NL West lead.

UPDATE: Um…. Yeah, you guys are right. Bochy fucked up big time. Chris Ray? Really? Chris Ray?!?! Romero pulled after ten pitches? Not walking the hottest hitter in baseball with the game on the line, not once, but twice? You go after Tulowiztky two times in a row? That’s the plan?

Jesus Christ, what a collossal failure. Watching Bochy while he watched every move he made fail was like watching paint dry.

UPDATE: I was just looking up Tulowitzki. He’s got 15 home runs and 40 RBI this month. That’s in 94 at bats. 23 games. Wow. I’d also mention that he looked huge last night. He’s a shortstop, and I don’t remember him being so gigantic. His player page says he’s 6’3″ 205 pounds. Not anymore. I mean, he looks like he’s put on about twenty pounds of muscle from last season, no?

Big game today. The Giants need Cain to get the Colorado hitters back under control.

Back to the wrong Barry. If there was any doubt, it is now clear that the Zito contract is one of the three or four worst contracts in major league history, right up there with the Kevin Brown deal, the Mike Hampton disaster, and it is also clear that the Giants need to get out from under it someway. He is not just overpaid. It cannot be overstated how much it hurts a team to have a player who is not earning his keep, so to speak. Who cares that he is an adequate fourth or fifth starter? He practically makes more money than the entire rest of the pitching staff.

That has to be demoralizing. Sabean has to find a way to get him out of town.

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