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…. Freaky

Haven’t written much. Busiest time of the year, for me, and with the sun finally arriving, lots of catching up to do.

Nonetheless, something’s wrong with Lincecum. It could be the way he’s being handled, it could be that he hasn’t seen his Dad in too long, he’s sick, he’s hiding an injury, whatever. He’s lost, going through a month and a half long stretch of full counts, not missing bats, and struggling to get deep into games. Somebody needs to do something.

As for the Giants, they’ve been a .500 baseball team since their 6-1 start, and watching them get smoked by Jon Lester yesterday, (well, not exactly watching, but seeing highlights), they look like it’s already August. Huff and Uribe have been carrying the offense with virtually no help, while Sandoval (.226/.298/.345 .643 OPS in June) looks like maybe the league is a step ahead of him levitra generic ordering right now.

All in all, the Giants look more like pretenders than contenders right now, and without Lincecum dominating, it would appear their chances of improving without help would be quite slim.

UPDATE: And now they’re in last place, after a lost week of bad baseball, in which they lost two of three to the hapless Astros, two of three to the surging Red Sox, and the first two against the hated Dodgers, scoring less than three runs per game.

UPDATE, Part II: Oops. Forgot about the awful D’backs. Still, swept by the Dodgers, and well on our way to another dismal offensive performance.

…. Funky chicken

Tim Lincecum broke out of his slump yesterday, or so we’re told in this piece of puff pastry:

…. The Giants not only won the game, they also captured their third road series of the season. Beyond that, this might be remembered as the day Tim Lincecum took a giant step forward.

Lincecum allowed three runs in seven innings, ending a string of three starts in which he failed to complete six innings. After walking five in each of his previous four starts, he walked two in this 113-pitch no-decision.

“I think he’s pretty close to being back to the Timmy we all know,” catcher Bengie Molina said.

Yeah, the Timmy we all know. Like, the guy who was 5-0 with 80 strikeouts and 10 walks before being told he needed to focus more of his attention on holding the runner on first? That guy? I don’t know, maybe that guy should have been left alone. Just maybe. Because in Lincecum’s five starts since Bochy decided that his pitching staff was allowing too many stolen bases, he’s looked completely lost, as lost as he has since he’s been here. So, maybe, just maybe, Bochy and Righetti should have just left well enough alone.

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