…. Agreement found

Here’s Jay Jaffe, another one of the boys at BP, noticing our estimable GM’s strengths and weaknesses:

…. (Seattle Mariner) GM Jack Zduriencik is one of the sharper tools in the shed.


Elsewhere in that shed, Brian Sabean continues to pound screws into bricks with a garden rake. Given an offense that finished last in the majors with a .244 EqA, Sabean has thrown about $35 million in 2010-2011 commitments at DeRosa, Aubrey Huff, Freddy Sanchez, Bengie Molina, and Juan Uribe, none of whom are strong steps in the direction of boosting that. Huff and Molina were below .260 last year, Uribe’s at .242 for his career, and both DeRosa and Sanchez are coming off injuries that led to unproductive post-trade stints; the latter isn’t even likely to be available for opening day, given his recent shoulder surgery. Projected for a .267/.346/.428/.269 EqA performance, DeRosa’s production appears to be light for a corner outfielder. He’d make far more sense at second or third base, with a concomitant shift of Pablo Sandoval to first base to do away with Huff’s similarly sub-par production (.274/.340/.436/.268 EqA) and dodgy defense.

(italics mine)

Sabean has thrown about $35 million in 2010-2011 commitments at DeRosa, Aubrey Huff, Freddy Sanchez, Bengie Molina, and Juan Uribe

We don’t have the money for a player like Matt Holiday? The Yankees signed Nick Johnson for essentially the same money Sabean gave Aubrey Huff, only with a one-year commitment instead of two, and Nick Johnson sported a .426 OBP last season, as opposed to Huff’s .310. Read that sentence twice.

We don’t need Molina, regardless of how inexpensive he is.

We could’ve gotten second base handled by Uribe, and not traded for and wasted $12 million on Sanchez.

I’m too tired to keep writing about this.

On and on, we see that, by anybody’s standards, Brian Sabean is failing.

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