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Lots of backtalk about all the Giants doings. I like it. I have a couple of things to add to the discussion, and then you guys can get back at it while I recover from what I hope isn’t the Swine Flu.

First, the Giants lineup looks to be improved, perhaps by as much as a half a run per game, according to David Pinto’s lineup analysis tools. That’s all well and good, but, as even the most optimistic fans will all agree; the Giants defense will be worse, and will almost certainly give back that half run simply by allowing many more hits to fall in (let alone the uptick in errors).

Second, even if the defense doesn’t allow 100 extra hits to fall, and commit 50% more errors then last seasons outstanding defense; the odds that most of these geriatric players play 150 games is essentially zero. There is no chance that this team can stay healthy, fielding a lineup of four or five everyday players over 34 years old, none.

Which, of course, makes all of these prognostications moot. Sure, we’ve added 60 home runs. We’ve also added 60 years. Again.

Same old Giants, same old Sabean, same old story.

Which of our top prospects do you think we’ll have to trade this year?

UPDATE: Am I not Nostradamus?

…. Giants second baseman Freddy Sanchez underwent left shoulder surgery and might not be ready by Opening Day.

I won’t even get into the laughable, failure-admitting trade of Merkin Valdez for cash, necessary, because Sabean signed four, old, injury-prone infielders, even though the team went into the off-season needing outfielders, youth, and home runs.

This trade doesn’t remind you of anyone, does it?

?????: 6.89 K/9
Merkin: 7.12 K/9

What a disgrace.

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