…. More fuel for the fire

Here’s one more reason to question the moves our GM makes:

…. Vladimir Guerrero has agreed to a one-year $5 million dollar contract with the Texas Rangers, opting to stay in the same division where he helped the Los Angeles Angels to five titles in the last six years.

And there’s this:

…. Scott Podsednik agreed to a $1.75 million, one-year contract with Kansas City on Friday, giving the Royals speed at the top of the order and versatility in the outfield. The deal includes a club option for 2011.

Now, I’m not advocating signing either Podsednik or Guererro. Both players have been injured and declining for several years. But what I am pointing out is that injured, 30-something-year old players sign these kind of one-year, incentive-driven contracts all the time.

Just not with the Giants. With the Giants, they get traded for. With the Giants, they get two and three-year deals, for $12, and $14 and $18 million dollars.

(Not to mention, the Giants needed an outfielder this off-season, not another infielder)

Who do you think will create more bang for the buck over the life of their contracts, Posednik, Guererro or DeRosa? The three players are almost exactly the same age. Last season, Vlad had one of his worst seasons ever, and in every phase of offense was more productive than DeRosa, posting a .295/.334/.460 .794 OPS. Podsednik was supposedly on Sabean’s radar, but somehow managed to slip through his fingers and sign for the paltry sum of $1.75 million somewhere else.

One of these guys got a two-year deal worth $12 million, one got a one-year deal worth $5 million dollars, and one of them got a one-year deal worth $1.75 million. And the Giants can never afford to make a run at a real player.

Did Edgar Renteria deserve a two-year deal worth $18 million? Absolutely not. After the lay down, give up year he pulled in Detroit, not one team in baseball was willing to offer him those kind of numbers. He would have been happy with a minor league contract and an invitation to camp. Only Brian Sabean thought he was worth $18 million dollars. Only Brian Sabean thought he was worth anything at all.

Did Dave Roberts deserve a three-year deal worth $18 million dollars? Please. Dave Roberts had never been an everyday player in his entire baseball life. He was 34 years old, and in all likelihood, was as stunned by the Giants offer as anyone in baseball. And, of course, as an everyday centerfielder, he was completely overmatched in every phase of the game, from having to hit both right handers and lefthanders, to simply staying healthy; because, of course, he was old, and injury-prone.

On and on, over and over again, Brian Sabean doles out millions of dollars to players who are sitting at home staring at the telephone, praying that it will ring –players who go from starting for the Giants to yakking it up in the broadcast booth– and the rest of the baseball world laughs.

Again and again, players tell us how happy they are to be in San Francisco, a destination that has become baseball’s version of the PGA Seniors Tour; while our estimable GM tells us his hands are tied, the team can only afford so much.

Understand this; the Giants have plenty of money. Brian Sabean and his crack baseball team spend that money as poorly as any team has in the history of the game.

Two 35-year old ballplayers just signed with new teams. Both of them are old, both are on the decline. One of them got a one-year deal worth $5 million. The other got a two-year deal worth $12 million.

Last year, two 34-year old shortstops signed with new teams. One of them got a one-year deal worth $5 million, the other got a two-year deal worth $18 million.

Do you see?

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