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After reading this Scott Ostler column, it appears that my “told you so” was warranted:

…. What was up with Jermaine Dye?

There are indications that Dye cleared waivers and the Giants could have had him from the White Sox for the price of a low-level prospect plus Dye’s remaining salary of around $2.5 million.

If so, the sticking point, possibly, was that Brian Sabean was given a cigar box full of loose cash to spend on beefing up the club, and he blew it all on Freddy Sanchez – a smart deal that hasn’t yet panned out. It’s not my money, but $2 million (or so) seems like a small price to keep your club in the wild-card race.

Managing general partner Bill Neukom, in a recent radio interview, referred to this as a “rebuilding season.” No! Look at the standings, sir. It started out as a rebuilding season, but when you steam into September with a sweet shot at the playoffs, you have forfeited your right to play the “rebuilding” card. You must, within reason, go for it, even if the price of the next dice roll is $2 million.

You owe it to your fans and your players. And to the Big Giant in the Sky.

The San Francisco Giants have never won a championship in San Francisco. For Neukom to say that money, that $2 million dollars was the reason he prevented Sabean from making a run at a difference maker like Dye would be a travesty. That would be bad enough, but it is probably worse than that. My guess is that Sabean didn’t want Dye. Sabean thinks batting average is the way to evaluate hitters, and Dye’s average isn’t as good as Garko’s or Sanchez’s. Sabean ignored Dye because he doesn’t think Dye is a valuable hitter. And for that, he should be fired, on the spot. Sabean simply ignored the value that Dye would have added to the Giants, because he could not see it. It is a failure of the highest order.

And for anyone to suggest that the Sanchez deal was a smart one is laughable. My guess/hope is that that’s just Ostler’s way of making sure he can criticize the team and not lose his press pass.

So the Giants hold the Phillies to three runs in their circus mouse-sized ballpark and lose two of three, and we hear nothing from the Giants front office. Of course. Accountability is but a word to Sabean and company. It holds no meaning. They have no understanding of the concept, of the ways a man is accountable for his actions and inactions.

Imagine if I were hired to build a house in a remote location, and needed an excavator to build the foundation. But I didn’t want to spend the money, so I tried to dig it by hand, with the expected results. So then the home owner gave me some more cash, and I bought a broken down, cheap, piece of shit excavator, one that was about ten years too old, and it didn’t get the job done either. You see where I’m headed, here? I’d be fired. Rightfully so. In my world, I’m held accountable for the success and failure of the plans I sell to the people who pay me money.

Sabean tried to build an offense, and failed. He was then given some more money, and the ability to use valuable commodities, (prospects) to again work some magic and fix the offense. He failed.


For that matter….. Bill Neukom has failed. He is the owner, the man who we pay money to, when we fill his ballpark. He owes the loyal fans a chance to see a world championship team. He owes us an all-in, balls out run for the title. RIGHT NOW. This team has championship-caliber pitching, right now. One or two bats could have pushed this team to the front of the wild card lead, and we’d be looking at setting up our rotation for the first round, instead of being in a steel cage, death match with the Rockies.

We passed on Dye (27 home runs, 75 RBI and 50+ walks) for one of two reasons. Because we didn’t have the money. Because that money was spent on one piece of shit ballplayer after another. Because the man in charge wastes money like a drunken sailor, money that we needed to get a real player was not there, because he’s thrown away tens of millions of dollars, year after year after year, on mediocrities. Or, we passed on Dye because the man in charge does not understand that what Dye produces is more valuable than what Freddie Sanchez produces. Either way, it is a massive, systemic failure, and it is Brian Sabean’s. It is Brian Sabean’s failure that holds us back, and will continue to do so.

The time has come….


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