…. Failure

I am disgusted, but hardly surprised by Bill Neukom and Brian Sabean’s failure.

Instead of getting all fired up abut the stretch run, excited by the acquisition of a real hitter to bolster our league-worst offense, I get to be disgusted. I get to wake up this morning, and read about how a real team –a team run by an owner and GM who are actually knowledgeable about the game of baseball– went out and added the one thing their team actually needs, a fucking guy who can hit home runs!

The Dodgers picked up Jim Thome in time for him to be eligible for the postseason, but now that yesterday’s deadline has passed, the Giants no longer have that option. But we did pick up an old, out of shape, completely ineffective pitcher, just in time for us to raise our league-leading ERA. That Penny will make, at best, four or five starts is immaterial. That Randy Johnson may, in fact, be able to come back and take a couple of turns in the rotation hardly matters.

WE NEED HOME RUNS!!!! And we ignored a chance to pick up a guy who has already hit more than a quarter as many home runs as our entire team for a fucking drone in the minor leagues and less than $2.5 million dollars!!!!!

Just remember that I told you so. I told you we would face a situation where we would be told that we were unable to acquire so and so player because of financial concerns. Just remember that I told you this would happen.


UPDATE: Are you guys fucking kidding somebody?

I just wrote a piece about how the Giants should make a run at Jermaine Dye. JERMAINE DYE!!!!!! If you look close, you can still see the writing, something like 1/3 of the way down the page. Jesus Christ! How could anyone possibly fail to see that I was reiterating my suggestion that the Giants GET JERMAINE DYE!!!!

Over and over, you so-called “fans” wanna argue about how this player or that player isn’t worth shit to the Giants, while ignoring the fact that we have the worst offense in baseball for going on four fucking years now!!

My comments about the Dodgers picking up Thome were meant to point out that the Dodgers are addressing their needs at the last possible chance to make an impact for the potential championship run. The Giants, on the other hand, once again DID NOTHING!!! Well, actually, we didn’t do nothing. We signed a pitcher who will instantly be the worst pitcher on the team. Forget about being the worst pitcher on the team… Penny is ranked 84th out the 84 pitchers who qualify for the ERA title. That is to say, he is the worst starting pitcher in all of baseball. In 131 innings, he’s allowed 200-plus baserunners, 82 earned runs, he has 89 strikeouts and 42 walks, and he sports a stellar 5.61 ERA. And Alex says, “it seems like Penny can still pitch.” What, batting practice? Are you out of your fucking mind??!!??! We could’ve picked up a shit ton of pitchers for a song, including John Smoltz (who, in 11 innings with the Cardinals, has 15 strikeouts and has allowed 7 hits, one walk, and one earned run), John Garland, Jose Contreras, Scott Kazmir, to name but a few, and every single one of them would’ve been better than Brad Penny. Every single pitcher we could call up from our minor league system is better than Brad Penny.

But, what the hell, who cares? Why not throw $400,000 dollars on the ground? It might only be the difference between being able to sign a player who could make difference or not, right?

To suggest that the Giants couldn’t use Jermaine Dye –who plays a corner outfield spot and wouldn’t displace anyone worth TEN FUCKING CENTS!!!!!!– is a crime against intelligence. To sit here and tell me that he would somehow be inadequate, illustrates exactly why the Giants can get away with this kind of horseshit team building and managing for so long. The vast majority of Giants fans have no fucking idea whatsoever what they are talking about, either.

How you could fail to see this point is simply amazing. How you could continue to suggest that ANYBODY WHO HITS HOME RUNS IS WORTHLESS BECAUSE HE ISN’T PERFECT IS ABSOLUTELY OUTRAGEOUS. Do me a favor, and go somewhere else if all you can talk about is how each and every hitter I suggest the Giants pick up isn’t worth a shit, even though they would be the second best hitter on the team the second the walked in the door.

UPDATE, Part II: Are you idiots watching the game? 5 innings, 1 hit, 0 runs. Hamels has thrown 69 pitches, 44 strikes. As in, I can throw it over the plate whenever I want. Yup, who needs a a guy who can hit some home runs?

UPDATE, Part III: Hamels, 6 innings, 1 hit, 79 pitches, 53 strikes.

UPDATE, Part IV: Hamels, who came into the game with a 4.62 ERA, has gone 7 innings, allowed 1 hit, thrown 91 pitches, 62 for a strike, and allowed only five balls to be hit out of the infield. 18 straight outs. Yup, who needs a guy with 25 home runs? Or 35, for that matter?

UPDATE, Part V: Hamels, 8 innings, 1 hit, 104 pitches, 71 strikes, 21 straight outs. Top of the ninth, Rich Aurilia, pinch-hitting. Yup, what a waste it would’ve been to have a guy like Thome on he bench. And, amazingly, in perhaps his last at-bat as a major-leaguer, Aurilia leads off with a single.

UPDATE, Part VI: Cole Hamels, 4.62 ERA coming in, went 9 innings, threw 118 pitches, 80 strikes, allowed 2 hits, and 0 runs. Brian Sabean should be ashamed of himself. This is one more loss that is simply because our GM cannot figure out how to build a team.

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