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In his quest for his second consecutive Cy Young Award, Tim Lincecum has lost a little bit of steam over his last three starts, getting no decisions all three times, and losing wins in two of them. He still has a substantial margin on ESPN’s Cy Young Prediction Machine page, holding more than a ten point edge over the surging Adam Wainwright (pending the update from last night, he’ll probably lose three or four of those points), but still, he’s been stuck at 12 wins for a while now, and is about to get knocked out of the top five.

He’s lost something like four wins to the Giants poor offense, about as many as he did last year, so maybe his overall dominance will still win the day, but I’m still worried.

He looks a little tired. For the month of August, he’s had four starts, and he’s been much more hittable than he has been all year. His last three have been pretty blah:

21 innings, 16 hits, 9 earned runs, 16 strikeouts 3.86 ERA

Not the kind of surge you’d like to see from a guy trying to lead his team to the playoffs, and win his second Cy in a row.

UPDATE: Another game, another run scored. The Giants have scored just 37 runs in their last 11 games, a measly 3.1 runs per game, but that stat doesn’t really tell the whole story. They scored 18 runs in two games, so in the other 9 games, the team scored just 19 runs, or 2 runs per game. In their last 11 games, they scored 2, 2, 1, 4, 0, 5, 2, 10, 8, 1, 1 runs. That is simply awful. This team has made so many mediocre pitchers look like Walter Johnson, it’s simply mind-boggling. In 7 of their last 11 games, they’ve scored two runs or less.

So, allow me to repeat myself:

Brian Sabean deserves to be fired. He failed in his quest to upgrade the offense, and he traded away valuable pitching prospects for players who the team essentially already had. Garko has been as bad as Ishikawa was with the bat, and worse with the glove. And with all due respect to whatever we’ve gotten from Freddie Sanchez, Eugenio Velez has more hits, for more power, and a better OPS in the month of August, and he didn’t cost us a pitcher. Sabean simply does not know what to look for in a player, in a hitter, anymore, and its debatable whether he ever did. What he values in a hitter is provably worthless, and the way he goes about constructing a team is irrevocably flawed. This team has the pitching to win a title, right fucking now. Brian Sabean’s failure is the reason why they will not.

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