…. Half empty

…. And halfway through August, we can see that Brian Sabean’s moves to upgrade the offense have been a complete bust. The Giants are 7 and 7 in August, having scored 55 runs and allowed 56, which is to say, the average score we’ve seen this month has been 4-3, or 3-4.

The Rockies, on the other hand, have allowed 64 runs and scored 99 runs in 15 games, which is, well, better.

Another trade might be possible, but I doubt it, no? We needed home runs and walks, and we got neither. We traded away good, young, pitching and received a broken Freddie Sanchez, and Ryan Garko, who has done essentially nothing (10 for 49) since he’s been here. Not for nothing, but I’m pretty sure Ishikawa can run out a 10 for 49 without too much effort. In fact, Ishikawa was 11 for 49 in April, and he was 11 for 44 in June, which is to say, Garko has performed well enough for Sabean to make a trade to replace him.

Funny, though it may be, it’s really sad. Ishikawa was actually beginning to hit when Sabean threw away the baby with the bath water. A nice .300/.329/.414 with a .743 OPS in 70 at-bats in July, after hitting 4 home runs in June…. I’m not saying he was the second coming of Will Clark or anything, but that stat line could certainly fit nicely in any one of JT Snow’s seasons. I know, I know, being happy that our first baseman hits like JT is sad, absurd, and quite unbelievable, but we’re comparing Ishikawa to trading for Garko, remember?

Sadly, there was no need to go and get Garko, a player who is only moderately more productive than Ishikawa, while being quite a bit worse with the glove. Oh, but that’s right, only hitters like Dunn need to be great with the glove. Picking up a guy with stone hands who is worth about three home runs per season more than the guy we already have is fine; but signing a guy with stone hands who is gonna finish in the top five in home runs for the sixth straight season, now that would be an outrage. There’s no room on the Giants for that guy.

And so the Giants are sinking, and still need offense, and we have two fewer pitchers in our stable of tradable commodities that Sabean has supposedly been stockpiling so that he could trade them for bats.

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