…. Unbelievable? Hardly.

Brian Sabean traded Tim Alderson, one of the four untouchable prospects in the Giants organization, for Frddie Sanchez, a decent, but by now means, top-level second baseman.

…. The Giants have acquired Pirates second baseman Freddy Sanchez in a one-for-one deal for minor-league pitcher Tim Alderson.

As several media outlets have reported, Giants doctors re-examined Sanchez’s left knee today and reportedly found no major defects.

Again, I am forced to reiterate that the Giants had to make these two trades, because Sabean ignored their obvious offensive shortcomings this off-season, and now the team has fewer valuable minor league commodities, and quite frankly, the moves left me a bit wanting.

Sanchez, 31 years old, is a career .300 hitter, but he’s never walked more than 32 times in a season, his career high in home runs is 11, and his career OBP is just .336. He’s ranked fifth among NL second basemen in just about every category, which is to say, we traded our top draft pick from 2007 for a league average second baseman. For an easy comparison, let’s look at Juan Uribe.

J. Uribe 72 G 222 AB 17 2B 4 HR 21 RBI 10 BB 47 SO .284/.313/.432 .745 OPS
Sanchez 86 G 355 AB 28 2B 6 HR 34 RBI 20 BB 60 SO .296/.334/.442 .776 OPS

I can’t for the life of me imagine how that kind of minimal upgrade would be worth one of the top forty prospects in all of baseball. Trading Alderson is fine, but WE NEEDED HOME RUNS AND WALKS!!!! Instead, we get two more 30-year old guys who are league average hitters. Can you see? This is systemic, because Brain Sabean does not know how to evaluate hitters, player value, or how to build a team.

UPDATE: Waking up this morning, the first thing I thought was, “What a fucking idiot of a GM we have.” The second was, “What does he have on Bill Neukom?”

Seriously, I am still stunned. And so unhappy. And just plain amazed.

I’m amazed that a man could have a career in baseball, live in a technologically advanced part of the country, and make the same mistakes, over and over and over, and not learn from them, not be able to see that they are mistakes, not be able to see that what he is doing is not working; and not be held to account for his failings ever.

What a fucking dream job it must be to be the GM for the Giants. You get to walk around in flip flops and Hawaiian shirts and spout off platitudes about character and veteran leadership and how many runs JT Snow saves with his glove, and how many runs a catcher like Mike Matheny saves, and how you have to give up something to get something…..


I remember when he traded Matt Williams, and he arrogantly wore that T-Shirt that read, “I am not an Idiot.” Well, Brian, yes you are. You are an idiot. An idiot is someone who, not unlike a crazy person, does that same things over and over, and wonders why nothing is changing. That is you. You keep acquiring 30-year old, league average mediocrities, and you keep talking about a “youth movement.” You do not have the faintest ides what you are doing anymore. Really. Did you watch that game yesterday? 9 innings of one absolutely embarrassing at-bat after another, on and on and on; a perfect display of your personal vision on team building, on how to construct an offense.

You watched that, and decided that you would trade a top-40 prospect in all of baseball for another league average mediocrity? He’s a three-time All Star? Only in the fucked up world of Bud Selig is Sanchez an All Star, a world in which every team has to have an All Star representative do you have Sanchez being a three-time All Star for one of the worst-run organizations in all of baseball, a team that has traded away an All Star team of hitters in just the last three or four years.

This was a coup, for the Pirates. Getting Barnes for Garko was a coup, for the Indians. Sabean got fleeced by two last place teams, two teams that were in the position of having to trade away talent to save money, and in those conditions, it was Sabean who was taken advantage of.

And, as for Bill Neukom, it is high time he started paying attention to what his Idiot is doing, because Sabean just traded the future on a chance to win this year; and his results are utterly abysmal.

From this day forward, I will never, never, refer to Brian Sabean by any name other than The Idiot. I will never write his name again. He is The Idiot.

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