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87 games into 2009, it is painfully clear that the Edgar Renteria signing, like so many over the past three or four seasons, is a colossal bust.

81 games played, 310 at-bats, 13 doubles, 2 home runs, 38 RBI .252/.307/.313 .620 OPS 28.8 runs created 11 GIDP

He is the worst hitter among all NL shortstops, ranking last or next to last in virtually every one of those categories.

Among the starters at short, he is last in assists, with 192 in 81 games played, and has 8 errors, a testament to both his lack of range and his stone hands. His putouts and double play numbers are also very low, but a good portion of that has to be attributed to the Giants leading the league in strikeouts.

Once again, Brian Sabean looked at this team, and said to himself, we need a shortstop, (we didn’t, but I’ll get to that problem in a moment) and out of the three or four possible guys who were available, got the worst one, the oldest one, and paid him the most money.

Now we need a hitter –two actually, but one is a start– and now, the rumor mill has it that Sabean’s interested in possibly trading for Adam Dunn(!) a move that should instantly get him fired.

How can the Giants ownership trust Sabean to make a trade? I sure don’t.

UPDATE: After today’s loss, the Giants stumble home having gone 4-6 since the break, and having scored just 23 runs in the ten games. Somehow, during this offensive drought, Matt Cain managed to win both of his starts, which is only the difference between a complete collapse and being just a couple of games behind the absolutely cruising Rockies, who have managed to win 27 of their last 36 games.

Looking at what the Rockies are doing, along with the Dodgers maintaining their best record in all of baseball status makes me wonder whether the Giants should bother doing anything. The Rockies are outscoring their opponents by 84 runs over that span of 36 games, which means they are not outperforming their expected wins.

That means they are not going away, and we are nowhere near that kind of performance; which in turn, means that we are not going to be able to hold them off with the addition of one hitter. Which brings me back to Joe Sheehan’s suggestion, and maybe we’d have a chance:

…. What if a team offered the Blue Jays not its very best prospects (for Roy Halladay), but offered it the kind of payroll relief that would pay off for years to come? What if a team took Vernon Wells off of its hands?

Again, Wells would add a little offense, but Halladay would turn our top three into the 1990′s Braves starters, and take away more opposition offense than almost any hitter would add. And all it would cost is a couple of mediocre prospects and money.

UPDATE: Apparently, Brain Sabean is doing his best to avoid looking like an idiot:

…. The Giants, still in the market for offense, have been following the Nats around. Word is, they are checking out OF Josh Willingham and 1B Nick Johnson. Either would help the Giants’ anemic attack.

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