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…. Wrong

As in, I might be wrong. I might be wrong about our Giants. I might be wrong to assume that this team cannot buck the trends. I might be wrong to believe that we simply do not have the offense needed to think about contending.

The Giants, as of 3:41 pm, Sunday the 14th of June, are sitting at 34-28, with the third best record in the National League, which is fucking amazing. They also are sitting with the sixth best record in all of baseball, which is, well, I don't have a superlative for that.

Honestly, I cannot believe I'm even writing that sentence. Their recent surge even has them at +14 in runs differential, and with Cain and Lincecum trading complete game destructions, Randy Johnson continuing his 300 win success, I must begin the process of accepting the very real possibility that I have been wrong all along.

We still need offense, but maybe our pitching is so dominating that one hitter might be enough, like say, a first baseman?

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f=””>the good vibes are gone in a hurry. In the eighth inning today, Lincecum watched the Angels score three runs without getting good contact on but one pitch. The winning run scored from third on a soft ground ball to Pablo Sandoval, playing third base after being a first baseman for a while. Sandoval double-clutched the ball before getting the out at first, prompting Lincecum to have this to say after the game:

''In that situation it's clear where the play is, but he didn't get a good grip on the ball. It was a mental mistake. … I threw good pitches, and they were hit in the right spots at the right time. In hindsight, maybe I'll see that a quarter-inch could have made the difference. That's the way the game is.''

I'll mention that Lincecum shouldn't have thrown his teammates under the bus, but he was massively frustrated by the seeing eye inning, so I'll give him a pass.

Meanwhile, after that half inning was over, the Giants sent eight men to the plate, none of whom were able to even come close to getting a base hit, which, of course, wasn't the least bit unexpected.


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