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Well done, gentlemen. Very incisive and thoughtful.

As for the negativity, all I can say in my defense is this:

I write from inspiration. When I read or see something that drives me, makes me want to say something, I say it. The “negativity” you see here is simply a reflection, a mirror of the team that has been run out for most of the last four or five seasons.

You want to read positive? Go back and read my posts from 2002, when we went to the Serious. Read what I've written about Barry Bonds, or, for that matter, Tim Lincecum. Or, more to the point, go read the fucking Chronicle. You want pablum, you want me to play nice? I'm not interested.

I'm interested in honesty. Who cares about how well the pitchers are doing when our hitters are so God-Almighty horrible? Like MIA says, our great young pitchers are gonna sign long-term deals with us? Why, exactly? We know that Lincecum has already rebuffed the team's initial attempts to discuss such a deal. What makes you think tomorrow will be different, when we have so much evidence to the contrary, right in front of us?

Our prospect-rich system is gonna produce great players? How, exactly, does anyone “know” that?

They don't. No one can predict major league success with that kind of precision. Sandoval will or won't turn into our own version of Vlad. Posey will become a great catcher, hit for average and get on-base and call a great game, or he'll blow out a knee, or he won't be good enough by thismmuch, and the Giants will still be waiting.

Meanwhile, we knew coming into the season that the pitching would be good enough. We knew that getting a player or two who actually is a major league hitter would have made a huge difference. We knew that we would lose games 2-1 and 3-2 all year long because of our lack of offense, and all we did was sign Renteria. And why? Because we didn't have the money. And, now –twenty games into the season, by the way– we're already being fed Chronicle puff pieces about how the Giants might not be able to acquire any real hitters at the deadline because of a lack of revenue. Is

anyone surprised?

When you pour tens of millions of dollars on the ground, year after year, obviously, you won't have the money to sign real players; a story we've been hearing for the last ten seasons. I've listed, again and again, the ridiculous, albatross contracts that have hamstrung this team since I've been covering them. You think we could use the combined $26 million dollars we paid Neifi Perez and Dave Roberts over the last five seasons? Or the $18 million dollars we gave the already on his way into retirement Kirk Reuter? How about the $15 million we threw on the ground at Steve Finley's feet? The $28 million we wasted on Edgardo Alfonzo? The list of players who have gone straight from the Giants into retirement just over the last five seasons alone should give all of our young pitchers pause when they consider signing a long-term deal with the club.

Positives? You find 'em. What I see is this: In the last four seasons alone, I can find almost $100 million dollars that Brian Sabean has given to guys who were out of baseball the day the Giants released them.

UPDATE: As if on cue, David Pinto wonders where the Giants should hit the Giants best hitter, Bengie Molina:

…. Bengie Molina helped the Giants to a 6-2 victory over the Cubs with a 2 for 4 day, including his fifth home run, a three-run shot. Bengie’s now hitting .304, but with a .302 OBA. That’s possible because he has no walks, no hit by pitches, but three sacrifice flies. On the other hand, he’s slugging .554, which is good for a number four hitter. Twelve of his 28 hits have gone for extra bases.

Where should a team bat a player like this? He power is valuable, but he’s an out machine despite hitting .300. I would think the right spot for him would be sixth or seventh, depending on the makeup of the team.

Exactly. The Giants have Molina batting cleanup, and on a good team, he'd be sixth or seventh. That sums up Brian Sabean's failures more eloquently than any rant I could come up with.


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