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…. Cy of relief

Lincecum has righted his ship, after last night's stellar effort against the hated Dodgers got him his

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second win, and landed the Giants back at .500.

If Matt Cain can continue his excellent start, the Giants can count on having two stoppers in their rotation, something most teams cannot.


…. Disappointing

Via Baseball Musings, I learned that Henry Schulman found out about Brian Wilson's Twittering his late night fun …. and that Brian was out partying the night before a day game, the same game in which he blew a 4-1 lead:

…. Let me start this post by saying I am not Brian Wilson's father. He is 27 years old and can spend his free time however he chooses. His personal life is just that, and I don't make a habit of reporting on players' extracurricular activities.

Now, if the players report it themselves . . .

Somebody alerted me to Wilson's Twitter page. Unless someb

ody hijacked the page, we have to conclude the Giants' closer was out very late Saturday night clubbing in Scottsdale. There are a couple of posts suggesting he was getting into it with what he called “overaggressive males.” His last post of the night is stamped “about 22 hours ago,” in other words, 1 a.m. Sunday.

Which would not have (been) worth mentioning except that the Giants played a day game today. In that game, Wilson could not throw fastballs where he wanted and lost a 4-1 lead in the ninth for his first blown save of the season. The Giants ended up losing in the 12th, 5-4.

A word of caution, Brian. Fans notice this stuff.



…. Last, but not least

The Giants are in last place in the NL West, already 4.5 games out of first place less than two weeks into the season. The team has posted league worst offense at second base, second to last at first base, and third to last at third base and shortstop. Overall, the offense has been worse than I imagined, with some players looking like their careers are over –Aurilia (2 for 11) and Renteria (5 for 32)– or not ready for prim

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e time –Ishikawa (5 for 22) and Sandoval (7 for 33).

On the pitching side, I'm hopeful that Lincecum will bounce back from these early struggles, but it's painfully obvious that Randy Johnson will not, and Barry Zito may be well on his way to earning $20 million dollars a year broadcasting alongside Krukow and Kuip.

I'll reserve my “told you so's” for later, but Jeez, this team looks awful right now.


…. Lincecum, too?

Our reigning Cy Young winner has been pretty mediocre so far this season, after today's flat effort ran his season stats out to a dismal looking 8.3 inning, 14 hits allowed and 7 earned runs. Bleh:

“Something's not clicking and I'm going to figure it out,” said Lincecum, who took little consolation in the thought that by season's end, he will have d

one just that. You worry about things going on, especially in the present. You don't worry about 35 games. You try to take any positives you can out every start and work on the negatives. Obviously, there have been more negatives than usual.”

The most aggravating thing about his slow start is that he's making Verducci .


…. Giants win

First place! Amazing!

No, really, ten runs isn't gonna happen everyday, so enjoy it while it lasts:

…. Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum? He did not see the fourth inning. That dreadful Giants offense? It

produced three homers and 10 runs. The go-ahead two-run blast by whipping boy Aaron Rowand? Why not? Winning pitcher Joe Martinez? Who else?

Sandoval, Burriss, and Ishikawa all contributed, Lincecum seemed way out of sync, but the bats rescued him. Not your expected result, but a win is a win.


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