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Dave Roberts was just released by the Giants today. So, basically, that's $18million dollars thrown on the ground because our GM has no clue what he is doing. Here's what I wrote about Roberts two years ago:

…. Don’t give $18 million to Dave Roberts, $12 million to Marvin Benard, $8 million to Shawon Dunston, $14 million to NEIFI-FUCKING-PEREZ!!!!! Don’t keep throwing money on the ground signing 40-year old washouts. The $14 million we’re giving to Molina could have paid for three or four first round picks. Did we need him? NO! Just like we didn’t need Matheny, like we didn’t need Double Play AJ.

Sabean gave Dave Roberts an $18 million dollar contract to be our leadoff hitter and center fielder for the next three years. A 36-year old baseball player, who had never in his life played a full season, a player who had never scored 100 runs in a season, (or 90 runs, for that matter), or had 100 walks, or hit .300, or won an award, of any kind, for any thing at all. A player whose performance was virtually assured of being as bad as it is now (.207/.287/.333); who could be replaced by almost any Triple AAA player, from any team. In fact, we did! Even our horrible minor leagu

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e system had a player, Fred Lewis, who came in and immediately out-performed Roberts.

How could our GM not know that we had a player of equal value, who was 25-years old instead of 35, in our system? How could he throw $18 million dollars on the ground like that, instead of just letting the young guy take a shot? HOW CAN THAT BE? Because Sabean is asking the wrong questions. He is using the wrong value assesments to make his decisions, that’s how.

Since that post, we've gone out and signed more, old, on the downside of their career players to more over-priced, contracts, contracts that were albatrosses the minute the ink was dry. You wanna tell me Renteria's different? You better hope so, because even if it is only two years, it's still $18 million dollars. All of the players who could've really made a difference, that we've been told we can't afford, or that so many Giants fans have been convinced that we don't really want, have gone elsewhere because we waste money like it grows on trees.

Now we're left with Roberts –our new leadoff man– walking away with $18 million, after two years and 79 runs, something so completely predictable as to be obvious to any idiot with a computer, even a carpenter, like me.

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