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Here’s what Fischum says:

Mia – you’re just like all the other armchair GM’s out there who do nothing but bitch and moan. So what’s your solution? Let’s hear it. What did you expect, one year of re-building and the Giants would be WS contenders? The fact is, Renteria isn’t blocking anyone in the minors (hence the 2 year deal) and Randy Johnson would be a nice addition at the back end of the rotation for one year giving Alderson and Bumgarner some more experience in the minors.

Well, first off, Renteria is “blocking” someone, he’s blocking Emmanuel Burriss, who may still be a real shortstop. And no one here — or at least no one who is making the same argument as I am– is saying we think the Giants hsould be contending for a World Series berth. I am saying that Renteria is a waste of resources. That the $10 million could be spent, should be spent, improving the offense.

And again, I hear how Randy Johnson would shore up the back of our rotation, and that makes me wonder….

The strength of this team is supposed to be our starting pitching, so why the hell would we be spending money on a 45-year old pitcher? Not to mention, that if you are talking about shoring up your startng rotation, then you must be thinking about contending. And if you are thinking about contending, THIS TEAM NEEDS OFFENSE!!!!!!!

But, I digress….

Anyway, here’s a couple of alternative “solutions”

1. Leave Burriss at short and give Renteria’s $10 million to Adam Dunn to play first base. He’ll only hit about 50 home runs playing half his games at PacBell, walk 150 times, and more than make up –way more– for whatever boost everyone thinks Renteria was gonna give us over Burriss.

2. Get a contending team to take Dave Roberts off our hands, and then take the savings –along with the money you don’t spend on Renteria– and make a run — a real run– at Texeira. That’s $17 million right there, I guarantee you the team can find $3 million more. I mean, they’re talking about landing the Unit, who will command no less than $10 milion per. Then plug in the young guys everyone keeps talking about, and maybe you have a contender for real.

That’s just off the top of my head, and doesn’t include any trade ideas. I’m not arguing that Renteria isn’t better than Burriss, that he isn’t an upgrade at short; I’m saying that instead of throwing $10 million dollar deals at guys who are little more than established, league-average players, Sabean could get creative, and make something really happen.

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