…. Clarity

Here’s your Giants GM, showing the world why I complain about him all the time:

…. Any money that might have been used to pursue the pitcher didn’t suddenly become available to chase either of the elite free-agent hitters, Mark Teixeira or Manny Ramirez, (right?)

“No,” general manager Brian Sabean said.

So the rotation and lineup are pretty much as is. The Giants have four starters in place, are looking for one more on the free-agent market and have no plan to go after A.J. Burnett or Derek Lowe.

It would be a one-year deal, Sabean said, and Randy Johnson, 45, is as expensive as it’ll get.

As for everyday players, Sabean remains pessimistic about trading for a corner infielder, saying, “I don’t know how much more we can spin the Rubik’s cube.”

Exactly, because we’ve got four mediocrities making $10 million per, instead of one or two stars making $15 million. Because we have no long-term plan, and no vision.

Wait, it gets better:

…. “We never made an offer. We never had a meeting,” Sabean said. “It wasn’t even pie-in-the-sky. It was the longest of long shots.”

In an interview in his Bellagio suite, Sabean told four reporters that the media are to blame for making the Sabathia-Giants development seem bigger than it was. The more he spoke, the more riled and defensive he seemed to get.

He was particularly annoyed when asked about fans’ possible perception that the attention given to Sabathia now could go to Teixeira or Ramirez.

“The press created that perception. I didn’t,” Sabean said. “When did we say we’re going after Sabathia? When? When did we say we’re going to make an offer? When did we say we’re going to give him $100 million or $160 million? No, never. That’s your problem. You created it. So because you created it and it’s in my lap, now you’re right, now I’ve got to respond to the fans. That’s what’s wrong with the process.”

In retrospect, Sabean questioned Sabathia’s interest in returning to his Northern California roots.

“How interested was he? He said he was interested. Do I know that? I never met with the player,” Sabean said. “So everywhere you turn with this, because you guys created the perception, I’ve got to respond to this, and I and the organization get fucked, and I’m sick of it. So it’s now my fault that we’re not going after Teixeira when everybody in the press has us going after Sabathia.”

Uh, yeah, well, all you would’ve needed to do to change that perception is, you know, speak. The perception is that you are incompetent, because you are. If Sabathia said he wanted to stay in Northern California, you owed it to the fans to have a meeting with him, and find out for yourself just how sincere that sentiment was.

Just like you owe it to the fans to field a competitive team, something we haven’t done in 5 years.

I gotta go, so discuss amongst yourselves until I get back, but I’m not done….

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