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I went to the city this weekend, a little fun time for the old boy. Saw Gov’t Mule at the Filmore Friday nite. Awesome show, Warren Haynes is simply astonishing.

Saturday was a bit more low-key, but ended up at Kell’s Irish Pub for a late night soda pop. I was working for a general contractor when Kell’s was built, and even though it was the biggest project I ever ran, it’s not too much of a stretch to say that I was –at least partly– responsible for getting that building opened.

I haven’t been there since then –like seven or eight years now– and it was cool seeing the owner Paul and his buddy Sanji. The place was rocking, packed to the gills and just really banging. We had a great time, and stayed until closing.

Anyway, as we were leaving, I lost one of my friends, so I ended up wandering back into the place looking for him, and walked right into, guess who?

The Franchise! That’s right, little old me walked right into Tim Lincecum and his entourage, as they were on their way out. I shouted, “Tim!” He looked right at me and said, “hey,” and I reached out and shook his hand. I told him about my site — hope he stops by– congratulated him for his great season and winning the Cy Young Award -by the way, shit-eating grin is about the right way to describe the smile that looks perpetually attached to his face right about now- gave him a pat on the shoulder and sort of dazed, kept on looking for my friend.

First impression, he has that look, that glow, that the preternaturally gifted all seem to have. His handshake was impressive, to say the least. He did seem normal sized, not huge, but his hands were large, solid, and seemed very strong.

He was genuinely friendly, and I felt pretty great getting to meet him in person. Thanks for being such an approachable star, Tim.

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