…. Collusion-esque

Let me see if I understand how this works….

Manny Ramirez quits on his team, fails to run out grounders, falls down fielding fly balls, doesn’t swing at pitches in a game that his team is down a run against their biggest rivals, assaults a club employee, rants and raves about how much the team he plays for is against him, hurting him, lying to him, and basically forces the Boston Red Sox to do something, anything, to get rid of him, and the Los Angeles Dodgers trade for him. That is, they not only declared that they wanted to have him on their team, but that they were willing to give up valuable baseball talent in order to do so.

And now, I get read all of this speculation about how a 37-year old moron, a player who has always given his best effort only when he wants to, is in line for another $100 million dollars at the end of this season.

…. “I bet he gets $15-20 million a year for three or four years, especially if he keeps his nose clean and helps the Dodgers win it,” said another executive who has worked for large, small and middle-market teams. “Hell, it wouldn’t surprise me if [Dodgers owner] Frank McCourt would do that. He loves all those Boston guys.”

Meanwhile, Barry Bonds can’t find a job.

…. As one NL executive said, “If they’re looking for some justification (for going after him), now they’ve got a way to justify it.” But there is still no indication Tampa Bay has any interest — for all the obvious reasons.

“The thing they’re scared about is disrupting what they have in the clubhouse,” said one scout who has seen a lot of the Rays recently. “And really, that’s the only way he doesn’t fit in there. But I don’t blame them. Their chemistry is the best thing they have going for themselves right now. … There’s really something magical going on with that club.”

Yeah, that “magic” includes the Rays –looking for their first-ever playoff berth– having just lost their two best hitters. In the AL East, having to stave off the Red Sox and the Yankees, the Rays decision to ignore Bonds as a DH option has to be considered as part of baseball’s ownership, and quite frankly, the sports media establishment’s, effort to keep Bonds from ever playing again. That, my friends, is collusion, and Bonds ought to be going after the owners just as hard as he would any fastball.

Because, here we are, with Bonds, who never did anything except fanatically prepare himself to be the absolute best baseball player that ever lived, who never put anything ahead of winning baseball games; that man is being told that he isn’t good for your team. In this world, Bonds is the clubhouse cancer. We keep hearing that having him around wouldn’t be good for young baseball players. We are being told –by “experts”– that no team would want their young players to see a 45-year old who was in better shape than they were, who maniacally prepared himself for every at-bat, every pitch, every play; who methodically planned, analyzed and then destroyed whatever approach the opposing pitcher had for beating him.

It is explained to us that, a guy who would leave no stone unturned in his efforts to be the best would be a bad influence.

No, better that they see Manny Ramirez dogging his way out of one team, and into the jet-stream of a new $100 million dollar contract.

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