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…. Bad old days?

Well, I’ve just read a couple of Giants blogs, McCovey Chronicles, and MVN Giants Cove, as well as a few others, and there seems to be –at the least– some minor cause for optimism. The team has signed it’s big-time draft picks, has recently optioned out a couple of guys who just didn’t seem to be ready for prime time, and have discovered a few players who might, just might be contributors on a winning club in the future.

Here’s Kevin Gibbs, writing at the Cove:

…. the Giants have designated Jose Castillo for assignment, sent Holm and Bowker to triple A and called up Rohlinger, Sandoval and Ishikawa. When the Giants picked up Castillo they were hoping that he…. actually, I have no idea what the Giants hoped for with Castillo. By the start of the 2008 season, Castillo had firmly established that he could neither hit nor field at the major league level. Shockingly, on the Giants, Castillo neither hit nor played defense at the major league level.

OK, so, maye that’s not exactly positive, but, it’s a good thing that the team did it. ;-)

I like the move to ditch Castillo, who is –unbelievably– a worse player than Pedro Feliz, and wish Bowker could have figured out how to lay off pitches that didn’t reach home plate, but there is no reason not to see if any of these other “prospects” have a chance to become real players. As Kevin points out, so far, only Fred Lewis has developed into a real player during this experimental phase. One more might make it a trend.

However, it remains true that we have a team that has hit 66 home runs this season, (about half what a normal club would hit), that has scored just 457 runs in 120 games, is 20 games under .500, and this team was put together by Brian Sabean on purpose. He is the architect of this mess, and the fact that he has made some strides in solving the team’s future doesn’t buy him a total pass.

I’m just saying…..

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