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…. Rescue remedy

With pitching coach Rick Peterson out of work, after being swept out the door with ex-Mets manager Willie Randolph, is there any reason for the Giants not to bring him in to help the soon to be out of baseball Barry Zito?

Zito, who was shelled –again– and saw his record fall to 2-11, (including a close your eyes 0-7 at home), is well on his on way to becoming the biggest contract albatross in sports history.

The Giants have nothing to lose, Peterson would be working for free, since the Mets are on the hook for his salary the next two seasons. Sure seems like a perfect fit to me. I mean, we’re only talking about another $100 million or so on the line.

…. Sweep

The Giants nailed the Nationals, their seventh in a row on the road, and completed the first four game sweep of the Nationals franchise since 1994. Behind Matt Cain (3-4), who won for the first time in three weeks, they won their fourth in a row on this trip, and now sit an improbable 29-35, just 6 games under .500, and as close to first place as they are to last.

In fact, with the team sitting just 5 games behind the D’backs, I’d have to say they are shaping up as one of THE surprises of the first half. I know I’m stunned.

…. History

Chipper Jones is having a spectacular start to the 2008 season, his batting average is still over .400, and it got me thinking…..

Jones’ numbers stand at a stellar .421/.504/.671 1.175 OPS

That is some start to a season. Reminds me of somebody that I wrote about way back in September of 2002…..

…. Superman

By now everyone knows that Barry Bonds is the best baseball player on the planet. His pursuit of his first batting title at age 38, his on-base perventage, his home runs…. (I have) just recently outlined why Bonds is head and shoulders above everyone else, not only in the National League, but in all of baseball, and that includes Alex Rodriguez, who’s only advantage over Bonds is his age.

But even I am amazed at what I just discovered in doodling through Barry’s numbers this year. At the All-Star break, Barry’s numbers were awesome, .345/.562/.780, with a 1.342 OPS. Wow! That is out of this world, no? Well, if that’s out of this world, then since the All Star break, he’s left the solar system.

Barry Bonds has a .417 (!) batting average in the second half of the season, with a .614 (!) on base percentage, an .848 (!) slugging percentage, and an OPS of 1.462 (!). Read that sentence two or three times, because its likely you’ll never see someone write that again. I’m about 95% certain no one’s ever written that before. I’d bet that Babe Ruth had some pretty impressive half-season runs, but a .614 on-base percentage would be the best in some fast-pitch softball leagues. Shown as an OBM TC line, it looks like this:

.417/.614/.848, with a 1.462 OPS

Over the last seven days, while the Giants have been fighting for their lives in their efforts to secure the Wild Card berth, Bonds has been even better:

.526/.735/.789, with a 1.524 OPS

I really don’t have anything else to say…. just look at those numbers.

Jones has a long way to go before he runs out a line like that. David Pinto says he needs to go 0 for 12 to drop below .400. Well, he’d need to hit 15 consecutive home runs before he’d catch the kind of scorching tsunami of a run that Bonds was on.

Ahhhh…. the good old days…..

UPDATE: Actually, the days right now aren’t too bad, either.

The Giants won their second in a row, got another stellar performance from Jonathan Sanchez, a grand slam from a reborn Bowker, and all of a sudden, have a -nothing to be ashamed of- 27-35 record.

If Zito and Cain can right the ship, maybe, just maybe, this team could sniff .500. In reality, if Zito had won just half his starts, they’d be at .500 now. Since May 8th, when they were 14-21, the team has gone 13-14, which is, with this offense, truly impressive.

The Franchise is s stellar 8-1, with a 2.15 ERA, and 83 strikeouts in 83 innings. He has been a superstar in the making, and seems to get better every start. A Cy Young Award conversation is starting already, and he has to be considered one of the top contenders, along with Edwin Volquez, and Brandon Webb. He should easily make his first All-Star game.

Maybe Brian -I am not a lunatic- Sabean will be proven right, that they could grab a real bat and possibly make a run.

Or, maybe they’ll collapse into a quivering mess. I’ll enjoy it for now.

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