…. Backtrack?

Brian Sabean sounded like an idiot in this Henry Schulman piece, and then Schulman admitted to being an idiot in this blog post:

…. Sabean said the Giants could contend if they hung around third place, drawing sneers and snorts from fans and columnists. In his defense, Sabean complained on his weekly radio show that he was asked a “trick question” because no GM can declare in mid-May that his team is done.

I don’t think it was a trick question. It was straightforward, and so was Sabean’s answer. But I do believe I did Sabean a disservice by committing a journalistic sin that I despise from other reporters. I cherry-picked one provocative thought and threw it out there as a declaration by Sabean rather than placing it in the context of the entire conversation.

Yeah, well, anything is better than writing about this flat, boring team, (other than the days Lincecum pitches). Lance Berkman has 16 home runs, the entire Giants team has 26.

I’m sorry, but I am just too busy to write about this debacle.

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3 Responses to “…. Backtrack?”

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