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…. The truth will set you free

Joe Sheehan takes all of my frustration and angst, and puts words to it that make me feel, quite frankly, inadequate:

…. The problem isn’t that this is a bad team. It’s that it’s a bad and boring team, with veterans who weren’t good enough to win when they had Bonds as a teammate, and now form a lineup that calls to mind the waning days of the Rachel Phelps Era. In a legitimate rebuilding, the Giants would eat the contracts of Roberts, Aurilia, Winn, and Durham. (Molina is miscast as a cleanup hitter, but he’s not a bad player, and he’s not blocking anyone of note.) They would play Fred Lewis, Nate Schierholtz, Rajai Davis, and Eugenio Velez. It’s not like those players are anything special, either, but there’s at least some chance of upside, and you can sell inexperienced players under the guise of a youth movement. (Although of that group only Velez is actually young.) The Giants don’t have the stomach for this, however, so they have this desiccated group of role players starting. In a related story, they lost 5-0 yesterday.

This isn’t an effort at rebuilding. Frankly, I have no idea what it is, and I suspect the Giants front office doesn’t, either. The 2008 roster, the 2008 season, seems to be more about pretending that the 1993-2007 seasons didn’t happen than anything else, which is a ridiculous way to put together a baseball team.

…. I’m not going to tell you that that’s a better lineup than the one Bruce Bochy started yesterday. Quite frankly, I’m astounded that a professional baseball organization could be so ill-prepared for injuries that upon losing one shortstop and one third baseman, it was left with waiver bait and a guy who was overmatched in A-ball as its best options.

Here’s the fun fact that Joe left out; that this is a $90 million dollar team. Not for nothing, but dollar for dollar, this could well be the worst team in baseball history.

I’m equally astounded, astounded that Peter Magowan could sit in a room with Brian Sabean right now and not strangle the life out of him. Caught unaware that your ancient team has injuries? Absolutely no talent whatsoever in the system? Over-priced “veterans” with no skill left? No closer, no real reliever, to speak of, no cleanup hitter, no real defense…. I mean, you’ve got to be kidding somebody.

To suggest that this team is the way it is because Barry Bonds was here is absurd, and a flat-out lie. This team is the way that it is because Brian Sabean has lost the ability to evaluate talent effectively, (if he ever really had it), and has never had any ability whatsoever to put a correct price tag on what value he does seek. Consequently, we have guys making $5 million or more per season who produce at a rate that most teams pay less than $1 million for; which, of course, hamstrings the team in it’s efforts to get real superstar talent.

We have too many outfielders, but that doesn’t stop Sabean, who went out and overpaid for perhaps the sixth best centerfielder in the NL, while doing nothing to address the fact that we had no first or third basemen.

I mean, seriously, I could go on and on. Our GM has failed so spectacularly, it beggars description.


Hat tip to El

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