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I am grateful. I am humbled by the number of responses to my last post. I am proud of the work I’ve done here, and am glad to know that so many people read and enjoy my work. Thanks to everyone who took the time to write.

On to this week’s theme…..

D-Wil put together a similar rant right around the same time I did:

…. The Giants are so bad that an opposing scout says of the team:

“The Giants aren’t as bad as you’ve heard —- they’re worse.”

It is said that most hitters in the Giants lineup would not start on other teams, that there are no pitching prospects in their farm system while their number one pitcher, Barry Zito, cannot reach the high-80 mph range with any pitch in his arsenal, and his once-lethal curveball lacks bite.

With a team that will be hard-pressed to win 65 games the smart thing to do would be to keep as many reminders of Bonds around AT&T as possible to distract the dwindling crowds. If Magowan had any brains and wasn’t bent on being such an ungrateful bastard he’d build a Bonds theme park with two life-size artificial-intelligence talking Bonds figures; one who talks in contrived platitudes to the fans and another in a replica of his locker configuration.

…. Peter Magowan could care less. As long as those 68 luxury suites, 5,200 club seats, and those 1,500 special field seats are paid for, and he get 10,000 more plebes to sit anywhere else they want, he’s fine. The contract signed in 2000 got him a cool $53 million in straight cash homey dollars for the naming rights through 2019; that through the thick of the last eight years and the desert carcass thin of the next indeterminate number of years to come.

I’ve heard it said and written that many of the people who fill PacBell could care less about baseball, they’re just there to be part of the scene, (whatever that means). Well, we’ll learn this season exactly how true that is. With a team showcasing exactly two top-flight young players, and perhaps one or two more 25 or 26-year olds worth ten cents, along with the absolute worst position player talent in all of baseball, it’s gonna be a long, long season. Hell, this team is gonna have six and eight game homestands without a win. They just got beat by their Fresno farm team.

BP’s Joe Sheehan feels my pain:

…. The Giants are awful. ….the Giants were outscored by three runs a game in exhibition play.

The roster looks like someone’s keeper list from the second Clinton Administration.

At the same time the Giants are assembling a roster of Matt Cain, Tim Lincecum, and 23 Fresno Grizzlies, they’re embarrassing themselves by erasing all mentions of Barry Bonds from AT&T Park. Bonds is responsible for that park, in the same way that Ken Griffey helped create Safeco Field and Tony Gwynn built Petco Park. It’s one thing to squeeze every last dollar out of the man’s career, another to discard your best player because of public-relations concerns, and another thing entirely to erase him from existence. Here’s a tip for Giants management: pretending you’re better off with Dave Roberts in left field instead of Bonds isn’t made any more believable by changing signage and décor. The spin that a Bonds-free clubhouse will somehow make up for a Bonds-free baseball field has no credibility whatsoever. This is the worst team in baseball, and rapidly challenging for the label of worst organization.

I’d add that the clowns at the SF Chronicle have lowered themselves about as far as a news organization can go. Besides the fact that they go days with a single story about the team, they are in bed with team management’s efforts to disgrace Bonds, to help the team distance themselves from him by spinning the idea that the team is better without him; and to parrot Magowan and Sabean’s lies about the team being younger, faster and better. Speed and defense? Are you serious, John Shea?

And I don’t want to hear another word about how they have to see these guys every day. Fuck you, and fuck them. When someone is an asshole, you need to tell them. When someone is the weakest link, they know it. Not telling them, or saying it out loud does no one any good. It smacks of the highest form of disrespect when you tiptoe around the jerk at the office because you think you might hurt their feelings. Fuck that guy. If he’s the asshole, he better be able to take the heat. Otherwise, HE CAN SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GO HOME.

If you are a mediocre player, and a sportswriter says so, and you can’t handle it; then YOU CAN’T HANDLE BEING A PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL PLAYER. Get the hell off my team.

I hope I can make it across the border….

I hope to see my friend, and shake his hand….

I hope the Pacific is as blue as it has been in my dreams….

I hope….

I hope the Giants fire Brian Sabean before they trade away Lincecum for Joe Crede….

I hope….

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