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The boys over at MVN actually think what I have to say is interesting, (as opposed to my wife or members of my family and friends), and so invited me to discuss the upcoming debacle, I mean, season. You can listen here, and please come back to OBM and tell me what you think.

In the meantime, Vizquel has just come up lame, (what a surprise), so we are on track to see more of whoever we have (Frandsen) who can field grounders in his stead. At least he’s younger than me. David Pinto thinks Vizquel’s shot at an everyday job just got real thin:

…. I think the chance of Omar being the regular shortstop for the Giants again is slim. He was terrible offensively last year, and I have to believe a knee injury is going to cut into his range. He was still above average last year, but this could change that.

Frandsen, who put up impressive minor league OBAs, never received a real chance to play from the Giants. If Kevin lives up to his minor league record offensively, the Giants would be foolish to return Vizquel as anything but a late inning defensive replacement. Time to make Frandsen part of the youth movement.

Yeah, well, the Giants were already foolish to throw another $5 million at Vizquel, a 43-year old, who had just come off the worst season of his life. They were again foolish to suggest that he was going to be an everyday player this season. And they are foolish to now be surprised that he is slated to miss significant time. Don’t be surprised if they are foolish again, and go out to get some bullshit, 38-year old, washed up shortstop (I’m sure Neifi Perez is available) to make sure Frandsen spends another season on the bench.

UPDATE: Grant has a suggestion, one that actually included thinking and analyzing and planning:

Ben Zobrist.

Zobrist is a pre-arbitration shortstop who is blocked by a shortstop at the major league level, Jason Bartlett. Zobrist is not in the future plans of the Devil Rays, who have Reid Brignac as their long-term solution.

Ben Zobrist has never had an on-base percentage below .400 at any minor league level.

Ben Zobrist has a decent defensive reputation.

Ben Zobrist does charity work for causes you care about. Look it up.

Ben Zobrist fills a need for the Giants. His team doesn’t have a plan for him in the short- or long-term. That team could use some inexpensive bullpen help. They could use a ML-ready starting pitcher to avoid rushing their 1,783 starting pitching prospects.

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