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…. Logic dies

I haven’t written much about baseball lately, partly because the Giants have been doing absolutely nothing, and partly because of the truly absurd spectacle that this scandal has become. Millions of dollars being spent investigating what consenting adults are using to improve themselves, dozens of big-time, superstar athletes finding their careers and reputations sullied for doing what anyone would do if they knew the truth; a truth that everyone is afraid to face the truth, because of a rampaging, moralistic, sensationalizing mass media machine.

It is enough to make me shut it all down, I’ll tell you that. Today’s NY Times has this piece of propaganda, in which we learn that, contrary to any evidence, or any common sense, or any history, or any facts, prohibition actually works!

Drug policy experts said the prosecutors of Operation Raw Deal could seek, at best, to disrupt the steady flow of performance-enhancing drugs.

“Use goes down when price goes up or availability is reduced,” said Jonathan P. Caulkins, a professor of public policy at Carnegie Mellon University. “We also know that ongoing enforcement pressure forces dealers to operate in inefficient ways, greatly increasing their costs of operation and, hence, increase the final retail price. So even if an operation doesn’t create a price spike, if it’s part of the background level of enforcement that forces the dealers to keep their heads down, then it may be doing some good.”

I guess it was a bad idea to end Prohibition after all. Oh, I’m sorry, these are experts. I didn’t realize they were experts. What were you saying? Use goes down if price goes up? Or does it go down if availability is reduced, which makes profits go away? Or are you saying that enforcement makes dealers use inefficient means to distribute their product, which would appear to mean having to use different cars to deliver trunks full of steroids? Are you kidding me? People who think like this need to be in the paper? Logic dies when men like this speak.

Meanwhile, we will soon learn that, because the Players Association failed to properly handle the anonymous testing samples properly, more players names will be dragged through the mud, for what purpose, exactly?

Who cares anymore? This is what happens when you let a used car salesman run a multi-billion dollar, multi-national corporation. You get this, a sloppy, ill-conceived, thoughtlessly disorganized disgrace. The minute Seligula decided to go forward with this “investigation,” we were headed here, to this slapstick comedy lacking style, grace or humor. You have one actor –the mainstream media– that has no legitimate connection with your industry, demanding reform, rehabilitation, and an almost constant stream of bad guys to vilify.

You have your heroes, led by people like Henry Waxman, who has apparently decided that his job is to head up the government’s interference into a completely legal, collectively bargained agreement between ownership and labor, something that would be unheard of in virtually any other industry. And in case you think I’m crazy, just imagine this kind of bullshit going on with, say, your local electrician’s union. You think people in construction don’t use PED’s? You think cops and firemen don’t? Truck drivers? Let me say it loud and clear; ONLY AN IDIOT WOULD THINK THAT.

Consequently, you find yourself throwing another iron in the fire for the prohibition crowd; who actually seem to believe that it is our nations best interest to spend millions and millions of dollars chasing people who use recreational and performance enhancing drugs while simultaneously ignoring the fact, THE FACT that the really dangerous drugs are legal and, more to the point, are actually promoted by the very industry that we now see being investigated.

This is happening, of course, at the same time we have a Super Bowl about to come down that features one of the best players on the best team having already tested positive –this season– for the same kind of drugs that are supposedly in need of being struck from the face of the earth –so that we can save the children– a situation that is so comically absurd as to seem farcical. It isn’t a farce, however. People’s lives are being destroyed, reputations tarnished, and millions of dollars being wasted to “clean up” a situation that isn’t in need of cleaning up.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again; find me the bodies. Get me the actual studies and reports and details that show that steroids kill, or cause cancer, or do whatever Dick Pound wants you to believe they do. You can’t. No one can. What you can find is one more industry built to stop people from doing something that should be their own business. One more industry desperately protecting us from ourselves, and being financed by companies that actually do make and sell drugs that are massively harmful to all of us, including the kids everyone wants to save.

You wanna tell me about drug-caused suicides, tell me about the suicides of the tens of thousands of teenagers who are binge-alcoholics. Tell me about the long-term suicides that we are watching whenever we see kids smoking Marlboros.

All of this falls in the commissioners lap. All of it. The sanctimonious sportswriters forgetting that they are not the show. The government interfering into private business. The investigations and scandals and all of it. If Selig was a man, a leader, he could have come out right from the start and said what is really true; that all he and the rest of the owners care about, all anyone in any multi-billion dollar a year industry care about is the bottom line. If players want to use PED’s to do their jobs, it’s their lives, their careers. They already take risks to be major-leaguers that most people would cringe at; why draw the line there.

Selig didn’t care about the health of the players, Steinbrenner didn’t care, Magowan didn’t, the Busch family didn’t, MIKE -FUCKING- LUPICA DIDN’T!!!

You wanna go after somebody? Go after the owners, go after the general managers. Every one of them should parade in front of Congress before Roger Clemens.

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