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Once upon a time, Frank Deford was one of my favorite writers. I wonder now if I was just naive. Was he always full of himself?

…. But let’s look on the bright side. The Report does give Barry Bonds more esteemed company as a cheat. Right? Unfortunately for him, though, it removes the one excuse his supporters offered — that he was picked on for racial reasons. Now that Roger Clemens, a white man who is to pitching in this era what Bonds has been to hitting — has been fingered and dishonored, Bonds, as a black man, can’t claim that he has been discriminated against.

Ummm…. Frank? Bonds has been targeted by sportswriters and talking heads for four years now. Bonds was investigated for most of that time by multiple government agencies, (at an estimated cost of over $10 million dollars), and has had his name and reputation dragged through the mud during what should have been the most exciting and proud years of his life by assholes like you. All this has happened while the men who supposedly gave Bonds the PED’s he “cheated” with have denied doing so the entire time.

Now, Clemens simply says he didn’t use PED’s and you and all of your “journalist” friends are to falling all over yourselves to make sure we know that the man responsible for these accusations is a shady character. He is a “weasel,” a “sewer rat,” a “disgruntled former employee,” and, of course, testified under duress. Oh, you don’t believe him? Please. Thanks for the good work. I’ve got friends who think it’s unfair if someone uses steroids to get in shape to be a carpenter because of all the bullshit you’ve been spewing for half a decade, and now you wanna go after Clemens, after ignoring a decades worth of results that suggested he might have more going for him than just a heavy-duty workout regimen. Bonds’ head is bigger? Great investigative journalism.

McNamee says Clemens used PED’s, and that he helped him do it, and is immediately labeled an unreliable witness with a bone to pick with Clemens, while Greg Anderson –who says that he did not provide Bonds with PED’s, and never saw him use them– has been accused of waiting for some big pay-off. Hmmmmm…. something doesn’t add up here. That’s right, Mr. Save the Children. It’s you and your sportswriter friends that have a credibility problem right now.

You can’t tell us one trainer is a liar for saying that his guy used PED’s –based on nothing at all, by the way, no interviews, no first-hand knowledge, NOTHING– and the other trainer is a liar for denying that his guy did –this time because a couple of your friends wrote a book that contradicts his direct, under oath, testimony. You can’t have it both ways. Either you believe the trainers, or you don’t.

If McNamee is lying when he outs your pal, and Greg Anderson and Victor Conte are lying when they say the bad guy didn’t…. Well, even a blowhard like you can see where I’m going here. You’re being selective, and if race isn’t the reason why, well, then; what is?

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