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I just found Sports on my Mind, through one of Giantsrainman’s backtalker rants, and wow, have I been asleep. D.K. Wilson, who is sometimes published in the Chicago Sports Review, and used to write for the Starting Five, goes on and on and on about Barry Bonds, taking my instinctive rantings and filling them out with far greater detail and research than I have either the time nor the inclination to do; and he nails it on just about every count. I have already made a change to my lineup, slotting him in as my cleanup hitter, (sorry, Lefty, you’ve been bumped down to the top slot in the Giants section); and I’m gonna feature one of his Bonds articles every day until I catch up. The first one, The Essence of Bonds, is simply brilliant:

There is something inherently wrong with the federal government and its four-year investigation and now prosecution of Barry Bonds. Something is wrong about spending millions and millions of dollars of taxpayer money – and there is no law mandating that we even pay taxes – to chase evidence to prove that Bonds lied to a grand jury. There is something wrong with a society in which individuals within that society would, en masse, express a hatred toward a man they (know) nothing about rather than demand that the monies they have been illegally taxed be returned to them. The mass – the ruling mob – seems to be saying that they will pay money to watch the government chase down Barry Bonds, find enough evidence to get him into a court room, and then put him on trial.

…. the Barry Bonds case crosses generations. Young mob members and old-time mobsters alike hate what Bonds stands for. Across age lines and races there is a, “let’s get this guy who got us for so long,” attitude that is so destructive, so mal that it borders on collusion. That all of you invested so much time in your hate for Bonds that you failed to examine the complex nature of the most riveting figure in the history of sports means you have effectively wiped history from the big book, Every Event in Our Existence. Your hate for Bonds stole any meaningful discussion of the man from the public forum.

All I’ll say is that there has been plenty of meaningful discussion of the man, here, and I’m damn proud to say so. Wilson adds to my understanding, and deepens my appreciation of being outside the box.

UPDATE: Wilson wrote a nice piece on the misinformation regards Bonds growth spurts as well:

The question I put to these men of near-alchemical knowledge of medicines was simply this: Can HGH make a fully-grown adult male’s bones grow and if so, how much HGH would it take, and what are the side effects?

Their answers were interesting – after they laughed at me (damn, that makes twice in consecutive days that respected persons from the medical profession have laughed at my questions!):

Doc A: No (chortle), no way HGH makes bones grow. Bones may thicken, but not grow.

Doc B: The Barry Bonds stuff, huh? ESPN sure does a good job of – let’s just say they’ve twisted the facts of human growth hormone’s effects on the adult male body.

Doc A: Edema can be mistaken for growth, but no (chortle). And I mean can be by someone with no expertise with growth hormone side effects. Look, I’m sorry to laugh, but where people get this information, I don’t know. I can’t imagine any responsible person in the medical profession saying something like this. We’re all professors as well and we know this misrepresentation of facts is dangerous.

Of course there are dangers associated with human growth hormone as there are with any drug, prescription or non-prescription. With growth hormone the primary adverse and potentially dangerous side effect concerns enlarged internal organs. But how that pertains to Bonds’ feet and hat size, I don’t know – well, I do. It doesn’t.

Really? I’ve been challenging the “His head is bigger” bullshit for two years now. Wilson took the time to actually talk to doctors, who laughed at the idea. Wish I would have thought of that.

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