…. Too little, too late

A-Rod finally got a hit that mattered, but was still far from making the kind of impact he had hoped to make in the divisional series. After an historic regular season that will almost certainly net him his third MVP award, A-Rod was –again– rendered invisible by a Yankee first round opponent, running his RBI-less streak to 55 postseason at-bats before his home run that brought the Yanks to within 6-3. They lost 6-4, and were ousted from the first round for the third straight year.

Yankee owner George Steinbrenner seems likely to fire Torre, and while I’ve argued before that Torre deserves to keep his job; last night, I started to feel like maybe the time for a change has come to the Bronx. Yes, Torre is the best manager the Yankees have had in my lifetime, and, given the challenges of today’s game, has elevated himself into a Hall of Famer with his 12 years of success. That said, I felt like his steadying hand could’ve benefited from a kick in the ass the last couple of seasons. His behind-the-scenes mangerial approach has kind of left the players searching for a spark while they’ve been getting their asses run off the field these last two playoffs.

Watching the players going through the motions last night, I felt like if, say, Zimmer were there, Wang might have lifted after the second hitter reached base that first inning. The team could hardly have needed a dominant Wang more, and to give up a leadoff home run was unforgivable. Not to mention, it was a BLAST. Bad enough he gave up yhe lead immediately, Wang proceeded to allow four runs in about ten minutes, which left the team in a desperate situation before half the fans had sat down.

Coudn’t the coaching staff have known that he wasn’t ready to go? Couldn’t they have seen that when he was warming up? He was guilty of the same problem from Game One? His pitches were up, up, up, and it was obvious the Indians were ready for that? Why let him stay in until he had allowed a four-spot?

And how, HOW, HOW IN JESUS CHRIST ALMIGHTY CAN THOSE UMPIRES MAKE A CALL ON WHETHER HE HAD HIT THAT BATTER WITHOUT CHECKING THE HITTERS HAND FOR A BRUISE OR SOME OTHER SIGN THAT HE HAD BEEN HIT!!??!!?? That was the single worst umpiring decision-making I can remember. All they had to do was walk over to first base and look at his hand. Instead, they stood in a circle and made the call while IGNORING ANY EFFORT TO SEE SOME ACTUAL EVIDENCE. Brilliant.

Maybe Torre needed to get thrown out. Anything would’ve been better than that heartless laydown by the whole team.

As for A-Rod, Boras thinks he might be worth somehwere between $300 million and a billion dollars. Outstanding.

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