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…. Superstar

The man who put together, Sean Forman, has just come out with a new toy;

First, hat-tip to Rich Lederer for the news.

Second, I will be spending a lot of time there, digging into possible trade prospects that I think the Giants should pursue. If you’re gonna want to stay in the conversation here at OBM, you’d better get busy.

I can’t imagine how this new tool won’t be a mega-hit. Kudos to Sean, who has to be in line for another All Star appearance.

…. I’m back

Got the new computer. She’s a beauty. Big, fast, bad-ass.

Bonds extended his home run record while I was gone, and some of the backtalkers think the Ginats might be better than their record suggests. Hmmmm…..

I doubt it. At every position save left-field and catcher, the Giants are among the very worst in baeball. We do have the starting pitching; but needing to replace or upgrade at virtually every slot in the batting order puts the team in a very difficult position; given that all we have to use as trade bait is the young pitching.

A real team, like, say, the Mets, has a runs scored and allowed differential that is closer to 100 runs. Thinking that the Giants are close to a real team because the numbers suggest that they might be off a couple of games than their stats would suggest is pointless. Is there any doubt that the Mets are the favorites to represent the NL in the Serious? Sure, the Giants can upgrade a couple of positions at a time, and slowly make their way back to the top; but, is that scenario interesting to anyone?

It’s not like we’re gonna run out a bunch of promising young position players –from our farm system– and watch them develop at the big league level. Instead, we’re gonna see a bunch of mid-level free agents, some of whom may or may not thrive here. We’re gonna see Sabean acquire hitters we’ve never heard of, all to replace the last bunch of hitters who should’ve been “grabbing some pine” on any real contender.

I mean, not to be a drag, but what’s the point of fantasizing? The reality of the situation is dire. Bonds is almost certainly done. Molina’s not likely to ever have a season like this again. Winn, Roberts, Aurilia, Klesko, Vizquel, Feliz, and Durham will all never again be as good as they once were.

Frandsen, Ortmeier, Davis and Lewis?

Please. Three outfielders, none of whom show any power at all, all old –for prospects, that is– and an infielder who cannot hit well enough or field well enough to make up for either deficiency.

The future prospects for this team, especially minus Bonds, are somewhere between dim and horrible. Decent starting pitching, medicore relievers, and absolutely no offense at all. Meanwhile, the D’backs, Dodgers and Padres, as well as even the Rockies; all seem to be ahead of the Giants in both young established players –of which the Giants have none– up and coming young players, and established pitching and hitting talent. It all doesn’t sound too good to me.

…. Doh!

Here’s all you need to know about the Giants:

“You could tell [Bonds' playing time] has been cut back. … He hasn’t requested it,” Giants manager Bruce Bochy said Sunday, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Bonds doesn’t seem bothered by the speculation.

“We just played 31 games in 30 days, then one off day, and to come back … I mean, eventually you’ve got to rest guys, regardless,” Bonds said, according to the Chronicle.

Bonds is likely to play in most of the Giants’ home games. And Bochy says he wants to keep Bonds in the lineup periodically when the Giants are playing contending teams in the National League West. But …

“… he’s going to play,” Bochy said. “But it’s definitely been cut back. No question I’d like to get some kids out there, too, as much as I can.”

…. Out of order

My son Nino poured a martini into my laptop two days ago, and I won’t have a new computer for another week or so. I’m using my wife’s to write this, but these opportunities will be few and far between.

Keep up the great backtalk, here’s a couple of topics:

1. The continued insincere apologies by various athletes, in various sports, for using PED’s; which we all know work, and are available to just about everyone else in the world but them.

2. The Yankees comeback from the edge of oblivion to the Wild Card lead.

3. David Wells, available for free, giving the Dodgers plenty.

4. My new iMac should be awesome.

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