…. MVP?

Matt Holliday’s late-season surge has propelled him into the lead as the NL MVP, which seems reasonable given his monster season, 36 home runs, 131 RBI, 205 hits and a .339 batting average. The writers who vote for him, however, will be forgetting that he plays half his games in a hitters paradise.

His production is built almost entirely on the strength of his home stats, 25 of his 36 home runs, 77 RBI, .374 batting average, 115 hits…. His OPS at home is 1.159, on the road it’s .866. He’s slugging .726 at home, and just .497 on the road. His OBP is much higher as well….

Let’s face it, the MVP should be Fielder, except he’s gonna be penalized for the Brewers collapse, as will Wright –who plays in one of the worst hitters parks in the league– if the Mets fail to make it. For Holliday, the writers cannot forget what an advantage he has hitting at 5000 feet; but they will.

UPDATE: Speaking of MVP’s…. the MVP of the last twenty years had something to say today:

“Yesterday, I was told by the Giants that they will not be bringing me back for the 2008 season. During the conversation with Peter Magowan, I was told that my play this year far exceeded any expectations the Giants had, but that the organization decided this year would be my last season in San Francisco.

Although I am disappointed, I’ve always said baseball is a business , and I respect their decision. However, I am saddened and upset that I was not given an earlier opportunity to properly say goodbye to you, my fans, and celebrate with the city throughout the season as I truly believe this was not a last-minute decision by the Giants, but one that was made some time ago.

I don’t have, nor do I want any ill feelings towards the organization, I just wish I had known sooner so we had more time to say our goodbyes and celebrate the best 15 years of my life. I would have loved nothing more than to retire as a Giant in the place where I call home and have shared so many momentous moments with all of you, but there is more baseball in me and I plan on continuing my career. My quest for a World Series ring continues.”

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