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The NY Times has an article about A-Rod’s value that includes a reference to the Giants:

…. Rodriguez鈥檚 2007 season will be hard to repeat, but even a sizable drop-off would leave him among baseball鈥檚 elite. Nate Silver of Baseball Prospectus projected him to hit .303 with a .404 on-base percentage and a .601 slugging percentage next year, while playing a roughly average third base. (Those numbers would be slightly higher if he left Yankee Stadium, which is quite unfriendly to right-handed sluggers.)

By contrast, a mediocre veteran third baseman like San Francisco鈥檚 Pedro Feliz was hitting .249 with a .290 on-base percentage and .414 slugging percentage entering last night鈥檚 game. If the Giants were to let Feliz go and sign Rodriguez, they could probably expect to win about eight more games next season than they would if they stuck with Feliz.


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