…. Absurdity, Part II

Bruce Jenkins, obviously jealous of Alan Schwarz, thinks Sabean is back on track:

In a week of bitterness and frustration for teams unable to sign their high draft picks – or deal with agent Scott Boras without trying to strangle him – the Giants, after signing an exceptional high school pitcher in Tim Alderson last month, signed another, Madison Bumgarner, along with hard-hitting outfield prospect Wendell Fairley.

Sabean’s only significant deal of the summer, sending Matt Morris to the Pirates, could be a major heist. Aside from the minor miracle of Pittsburgh assuming the entirety of Morris’ contract, Rajai Davis has proven beyond a doubt that he can run, bunt, create excitement and play a spectacular center field.

Um, well, Sabean is the man who gave that albatross contract to Morris, there, Bruce. And Rajai Davis needs to do this well for more than, say, two weeks, before we get to the “proven beyond a shadow of a doubt” part of our analysis, don’t you think? Oh, and let’s not forget that Sabean continues to focus on high school pitchers, who, a), he won’t be around to ever see pitch in a major league uniform, and b) are about as likely to pan out as a 200-1 longshot at the racetrack. To suggest that signing your draft picks is some reason for celebration tells you everything you need to know about how far Sabean’s fallen.

Again, we are treated to an opinion that is filled with nothing more than hot air, no more than another hand-job designed to take the pressure off of a man who is failing at his job, and has been for going on four years.

Read the whole piece, Jenkins even goes further, trotting out the old standby, that Barry Bonds is bad for the team:

It seems the Giants have finally realized that Bonds, despite his gaudy offensive numbers, offers little help on the field. The Giants have lost 12 of the last 15 games in which he’s homered, and his defense is a source of major irritation in the clubhouse. Neither Bonds nor manager Bruce Bochy would admit it, but Bonds was benched for his outright laziness on a fly ball that landed in left-center field for a double in Atlanta on Tuesday night. Even announcer Mike Krukow noted Bonds’ indifference in the outfield – saying on KNBR Wednesday morning that it’s been a problem “all summer long” – and Krukow made a good point: Because the Giants actually need two regulars in left field, to cover for Bonds’ time on the bench, it deprives Bochy of having an extra pitcher on the roster.

Yeah, that fucking Bonds, all he does is lead the league in OBP, slugging and OPS, who the hell needs a guy like that? Let’s have our 12th best pitcher on the bench in case we need him once a week.

And Jenkins gets a hall of fame vote?

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